Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maryn 'toots' her own horn !

I was trying to get a cute video of Maryn during tummy time and she decided to embarrass her mother! Mind your manners, Maryn!

(go to the bottom of the webpage and pause our music so you can hear the video)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nanny and Poppop babysit

This week found me back at work in the NICU. No tears were shed and Maryn took her bottles like a champ...a little elbow grease from Mac but I think she's finally caught on. There goes my 'out' from having to leave her. Nanny and poppop babysat Maryn Friday morning so I could get some sleep. No one complained :)

Thanks Lindsay for the clever idea of setting up her Bumbo tray as a play station...she loved it. Lindsay's little girl Lila is a month older than Maryn so I always get good advice from them! I know what to expect and I know all the fun toys to get Maryn. Apparantly there is a Sofie the Giraffe that is a MUST!!! I'll be ordering it today:)

Hello Mr. Birdie...nice to meet ya...

...not too sure about Mr. Birdie

This girl is such a little lady! Standing already with just a little help! What am I in for????
Check out the drool on her chin....we might need to break out the bibs now.

Why does my baby look like a 2 year old?? Wahhhhh!!!!!

The two finger suck

Mommy waking up from her nap after working nightshift...no time to rest mom...we're learning new tricks here!

She is currently obsessed with Bode...he loves to show off in front of her

The face off
"Here Maryn...you wanna bite?"

Protecting his sissy

She looks up to him:)

Monday, July 20, 2009

A peaceful memory

It was a beautiful Sunday around 12:30 pm one year ago today that we said our final goodbyes to our first love, Bayley. He lost his battle with lymphoma at the young age of 6 but left behind some of our most fondest memories. He was the class clown and the mediator at the dog park...made friends with even the bully. He was our constant companion and a faithful member of our family. He was my college graduation gift and protected me when I lived alone during graduate school...it was him and I and of course daddy came to visit us during his graduate school too. I did everything with that dog...a quick drive to the bank or pharmacy...he came along and they would always give him a treat. I'd take him through the drive through, they'd toss him a fry...he was my boy. Everyone loved Bayley!
He was a special chapter in our lives, a good chapter. And now he watches down on us today with his silly grin because he knows that this new chapter will provide us unmeasurable joy. He would lay next to my side of the bed and listen to my prayers for a baby every night...I think he pulled some strings when he got to heaven because within 2.5 weeks we conceived Maryn! Thanks Bay...she's got your peaceful soul!
We're not sad today...we're grateful for our blessings and our special angel pup in heaven!
We love you, Bayley!

Moments after picking him out of the litter
I remember his little paws looked like chocolate chip cookies!

Daddy's soccer game

He learned a couple bad habits at grandma and poppop cummings house!!!

Where he received his chemotherapy...everyone was amazing and Dr. Taylor came in on her day off to help us let Bayley go when the clinic was closed and we had our own private time.

He sported a LiveStrong collar during his 6 months of chemo

Just some of his many medications

His first battle wound

He was a real 'looker'! God took you so young so that all the children in heaven could enjoy your spirit! Run Free big guy, Run Free!
We love ya, Bay!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

...take me out to the crowd...buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, I don't care if we ever get back...
Maryn had a week full of baseball...and daddy was grinning from ear to ear!
Born in Chicago and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I miss my summer memories of heading to the baseball field to watch the Indians. It's one of the best things about summers in Cleveland and since we don't have a major league team here...single A baseball will have to do. It's still a reason to eat a footlong hotdog and a bag of peanuts (or boiled peanuts down here in the south), do the wave in the stands, stand up and sing during the 7th inning stretch, and just spend the evening with my family watching some good American ball!
We took Maryn to the Riverdogs game on Friday night and she did great! We had to leave before the fireworks because she was getting hungry and tired but we had a great time meeting up with friends.

The stadium is on the river so despite it being 95 degrees, there was a pleasant breeze.

The sun went down and so did Maryn!

She really did enjoy herself...was the perfect baby...like always :)

Wednesday night Maryn went to watch daddy play softball for the first time. Mac's team was undefeated and they lost by 2 this game...so much for being his lucky charm! Sorry daddy!
Notice she's about to eat her right hand...entertainment is cheap these days!

"O.K., Maryn...3 strikes and you're out!"

Our attempt at a self portrait from the bleachers

These next couple pics are so stink'n cute...she was so full of expression I just had to post all three of the ten I took :)

I figured that since she is currently obsessed with her hands that I'd put her wrist rattle on and make some music...teach her a little cause and effect.

That's my girl! Cheesey!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maryn is 3 months old!

Little Maryn is 3 months old today...can you believe it! I think this was one of the first dresses that nanny bought Maryn when we found out I was having a girl! Check out the adorable flower clip..I bought that at the Water Festival. When I saw it, I knew it would match this dress perfectly and what better way to break it in than during our monthly growth picture!

Our prayers have been answered...Maryn is a healthy and happy baby! She has really put herself on a great schedule...well, with my help. She resisted those naps in the beginning. She sleeps through the night and typically wakes up around 6am to eat and then goes back to sleep until 8 or 9 am...she eats and plays and then after about an hour she's tired again..an hour nap is all she needs and we're off to eat, play, go for a walk/run/shop and then she takes about a 2 hr nap in the afternoon....daddy gets home and it's time to play AGAIN!!

She is such a joy...is really exploring those hands, has really started to notice Bode and will follow him with her eyes and then smile when he approaches her, we can make her laugh any time any place, grabs her toys and holds on to them and gets really really excited when she knows it's time to eat!!

With Maryn turning 3 months old...brings my maternity leave to an end. I'm heading back to work on Sunday night and I may just shed a tear on the way in and maybe a couple times during the night :(

I know the box said 4 months and older but we like breaking the rules around here. Maryn tried out her exersaucer that daddy put together and really enjoyed herself. She is still just a little too small for it but it really got her attention....you could see her little brain working!

She sort of just dangled there...every once in awhile her feet could touch the bottom and she'd stand up proud.

She was so curious...hitting buttons and spinning balls. I think she startled herself when the ball spun around.

And then when she got tired, she sort of leaned back in the seat and looked up at me like...."that was fun, now what's next!?"

Here are some pics from Bodes birthday party that we had at our house yesterday. We also celebrated Tim's birthday too...nothing like pizza and a cold beer on a hot night.

He really opens his own birthday presents

Dom is Nick's dog, Bode's cousin...he came over to celebrate with us. It looks like Bode's telling him "that's mine!"

Time for cake! I bought them each a doggie cupcake...look how well behaved they are!

Bode ate his in one gulp and kept a close watch on Dom, just in case he didn't want his:)

Dom teased him with it and ran around the yard with the cupcake in his mouth

Me and the kids!