Monday, February 23, 2009

A week of 30's !!!!

Here are some pics from this past weekend...Christine turned 30 so Tom rented a limo for the night....I celebrated with a sip of Miller Lite...yum:)
I'm just over 30 weeks and the belly continues to grow...along with the rest of me:) We just can't wait to meet our Maryn....hopefully in 8 weeks...those last 2 weeks are only time spent gaining more weight and being uncomfortable for the both of us:)

30 weeks at the Aquarium downtown for Bode's school

She was busy kicking in this picture...right on my bladder

Where are my feet???

The nursery is coming is moved in...just adding some finishing details. Promise to post pics soon!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

28 weeks and still a GIRL!

O.k., so this is the only time I will ever post a picture of my daughters private parts....blurry, black and white, and almost unrecognizable by some. The little arrow is pointing to her girly parts...look close...actually looks like a hamburger :)

Her beautiful face
28 weeks pregnant and getting bigger. This was the evening we attended her baptism class...getting prepared to bless all of her little parts!

Being risky and showing off my 28 week bare belly....

Bode wanted to join his mommy and sister

We're currently working on the nursery, so hopefully I will post some pictures of her palace soon...still waiting for her rocker to be delivered.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bode's a 'new' man

Our little guy recently became a 'new' man...he got his parts clipped:( Poor little Bode got neutered last month....and he actually did great with the surgery. I was prepared for the worst since Bayley chewed his stitches out when he got neutered but Bo didn't even mess with his incision once. I think he ignored it because we threatened to put on the big E collar if he did. Here's a pic from the night before his surgery...I was getting the evil eye from both my boys!

We were on our way to get neutered and Bode thought we were going to the dog park...I lied just to get him in the car....I probably shouldn't do that sort of thing with Maryn, right?
Here he is when we brought him home....he looks stoned because he actually was. The dog acted drunk well into the next morning. Needless to say it was a relaxing night for us while Bode layed passed out on the games of tug o war, fetch, etc...

Just relaxing on his bed that he inherited from his big brother.....he was not pleased with me for lying.

He looked so pitiful!!

He has healed perfectly...barely a scar..and the best part is that it has actually calmed him down a ton. He's like a new dog...he lays down next to the couch at night and chews his bone....he's stopped jumping and humping (or hugging as we call it) as much, and is just overall a more mellow creature! We started school again...he's taking Real Life 101 which prepares him to act sane in public. We meet every Saturday for 6 weeks in public places around the city such as the aquarium, county parks, and Marion Square downtown....he's got 3 months to be the 'perfect' dog....countdown!

Monday, February 2, 2009

She's got a name!

Our little girl has a name full of meaning..... Meet Maryn Amelia Cummings!!! Mac's grandmothers name is Mary and my grandmothers name is Marian so Maryn is a combination of two very special and influential women in our lives. Amelia is sort of a combination of my late grandmothers name which is Amalia and my middle name Emily. Usually its the mom who gets excited and conscious about a southern little girls initials because we love to monogram everything down here in the south but Mac is most ecstatic. Her initials spell MAC, which is of course how Mac got his name to begin with...Michael Austin Cummings. So...we will soon have a Big Mac and a junior Mac in our home:) Here are Maryn's first glamour shots!!
8 weeks....she had such a beautiful yolk sac :)
12 weeks..still a peanut

Big stretch at 20 weeks

Here's a pic from our 3D/4D ultrasound at 26 weeks..always sucking her fingers

26 weeks.... cheeks are getting chubby

25 week profile

Maryn seems to be a little stubborn and often refuses to give us good pictures by covering her face with her prized posessions...her hands. Hence, the million and one ultrasound pics....they keep having us come back to get the shots they need. Hey...I don't's more opportunity for Mac and I to watch in amazement our beautiful little girl grow and grow. What a blessing we have been given already, without having ever met her. She is kicking like crazy these days but is very delicate in her movements...very lady-like. It is the most reassuring feeling I have ever experienced. She is currently 50th percentile in size but I never believe those prenatal measurements. Already 28 weeks! Time is flying by!