Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maryn's first set of wheels!

Alright...I know...I'm 35 weeks today and just now posting my 34 week pics...things are getting exciting around here and the house is starting to look like a daycare center...swings, bouncy seats, bassinets, pack n plays, strollers....and I love every second of it! It's just a good thing that we bought a slightly larger home last June because all of the empty space is filling up!
Grandma and Poppop Cummings bought Maryn her first set of wheels....her awsome stroller. It is so can attach the infant car seat to it and it's also a jogging stroller. We are going to get a lot of use out of this thing! Thank you sooooo very much Susie and Mike! I asked Mac the other day if it would be weird for me to take the stroller for a walk around the block?? He said most definately! So instead I push it around the house:)
34 weeks

Bode on St. Patricks day...looks like he had a little too much green beer in this pic!

This is his spot!! He lays under the kitchen table and stares out the window all day. We have a jogging path and pond right outside our fence so he is entertained all day watching people run by, dogs and strollers pass too. If Bode is hangin outside by himself...people will stop and greet him..he loves the attention. He is just the cutest and most handsome boy on the block!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Playing catch up...

Seeing that I'm going to be 34 weeks tomorrow and have yet to post my 32 and 33 week pics...I figured I better squeeze those in before I get too behind. Still waiting to get shower pics from my mom and friends but here is a picture I took of the diaper cake that Christine made! It is absolutely adorable....and I'm sure very time consuming! Thank you Christine, Jess, Laura, and Heidi for throwing the was perfect!

Day of the shower...32 weeks

Daddy catch'n a feel

33 weeks...look at that belly!

I think she has staked her permanent spot until right upper rib cage feels bruised! I think her feet are nestled right in between my 6th and 7th rib..she conveniently chose the least padded area on my entire body to constantly jab her boney little toes into. I don't have much meat on my ribs and I'm afraid she's going to crack one.

We were attempting a little dog training but as you can went amuck

The cute little bassinet that my parents got us. This will hopefully eliminate me walking up and down the stairs several times a day to put her in her crib for naptimes.

I truly never imagined how much baby clothes that Maryn would receive before she was even born. I have been washing tons and tons of pink, adorable, tiny little baby girl clothes about every other day for the past two weeks. The dreft detergent smells just like a fresh babe and I stand in her room just smelling her clothes....I cannot wait to meet this little girl. We love her immeasurably and from the generous gifts of family and friends...I don't think we're the only ones:) Thank you again to everyone for showering Maryn with love!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mac's SUCCESSFUL Surprise Birthday Party

I truly can't believe that I was able to pull off Mac's surprise 30th birthday party. I had thoughts of throwing him a surprise party several months ago but I let the idea slide because I figured it would be too much work being 8 months pregnant and I was convinced I would ruin the surprise some way or other. It was almost a bust when an invitation I sent out got sent back to me because our friends had moved and I didn't know about it. Thankfully....I had that day off and got the mail heart sank to my stomach when I saw his invitation sent back....return to sender!!! ugh! Mac has so many great friends...high school friends and college friends flew in from out of town to help surprise him and it was a success!!! Just check out the smile on this boys face when he saw the 40 plus people that had gathered to celebrate his birthday...he is loved!! This smile alone was worth every minute of planning, every dollar spent, and the swollen ankles I suffered from running around town to finalize details:)
Happy Birthday, Mac......I love you!
My dad making sure Mac didn't run the other way in embarrassment
The 'surprise'

Nick drove in from Atlanta

Whitney flew in from Chicago and Andy helped set up golf on Saturday...Thank YOU!!

George flew in from Chicago too!

Birthday shots

The boys

Mac and his mom who came to celebrate from Buffalo

Kisses for baby Maryn

I have been living in flat shoes my entire pregnancy and I was determined to wear high heels for his party....bad mistake!!!!!! I could barely walk to the car at the end of the feet and ankles were so swollen. The things us ladies do for fashion.

I just love him

My cousin Cory and his wife Amanda, Mr. and Mrs. Grund and dad

The cake I had made with his invitation printed on it...I promise it wasn't a threat, boys.... he'll still be playing golf

Heidi came to celebrate

Nick, Jen and Scott

The invitation

George, mom, Mac's cousin CK flew in from D.C., Tim, and Allison

Opening presents

Blowing out the candles

His mom and I made a poster with a bunch of his baby and birthday pictures

The boys givin Maryn some lov'in

We all had an awsome time and Mac kept thanking me again and again for days after the party. I think it feels good to know that so many people care about you...we all know we're loved but when people make an effort to show you that they value you as a means the world. Thank you to everyone who came in from out of town and those friends from Charleston who helped me keep this party a secret for so long.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby's daddy is 30 years old today!!!

My amazing, loving, selfless husband turns 30 today!!! I am the luckiest girl around to have snatched him up 9 years ago. Not only is he handsome but he can fix anything, has never let me mow the lawn once, does his own laundry (for the most part) and can make the best scrambled eggs I have ever eaten!!! I am so proud to be his wife and even more proud that he is going to be my children's father. Mac has such a big heart and could never hurt a fly....except for the time he chopped the snake in half that almost attacked him in our garden. I feel safe in his arms and dream big because I know he's my soulmate and life keeps getting better!
Happy Birthday LOVE!!!!!!

My handsome hunk

Baby's daddy...... I really hope Maryn looks like her daddy:)

I'm 32 weeks today and unfortunately I have a head cold:( It seems to be getting better but the pressure in my head is awful and there is nothing that I can really take for it either. My shower is this Saturday so I'm resting up for that...very excited! Little Miss Maryn has been busy lately jabbing her big toe into my upper rib much as I love feeling her move around inside...the rib cage jabs hurt!! I'll poke her foot back in and then you can feel her slither's amazing! Here are some self portraits taken in the mirror....