Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two Years...With and Without.

July 14th, 2008...we got the call from the breeder that Sheba had delivered her pups! We were
so excited and I remember telling Bayley that he'd soon be a big brother. Our hope that a playful puppy might spark a youthful fire in him was shattered a mere 6 days later. Bayley passed away on July 20, 2008, Maryn was conceived 2 weeks later and the pregnancy test revealed a "+" early morning on August 23rd, the same morning that we headed to North Carolina to meet our new pup. Bayley knew that it would take TWO to replace him:)
Meet Bode's 'birth' parents:
Buddy Boy

Happy Second Birthday to our quirky, flaky, loony, wacky, surprisingly intelligent pup, Bode Bay! We love you boy and think you've done a spectacular job filling some really big shoes!

Diggin' deep
He's already torn a hole in his new toy that Nanny had to sew it closed!

Bayley Boy...3 hours before he passed away and he was still smiling! It was infectious!

He fought to the end...we laid on the kitchen floor for three hours before I mustered up the courage to call the vet on her day off. Dr. Taylor was amazing, she met us at the clinic and spent several hours patiently waiting for me to stop saying "no no, look, he's fine...please, no, he's fine":(
And so, this week we celebrate family. We celebrate love. We celebrate LIFE.
My brothers
Bayley's first day of chemotherapy

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July, Four Years...& Pigtails!!!

Remember this dark haired baby...

...and her proud big brother on the 4th of July last year?

Unfortunately, I had to work the 4th of July this year. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays and to me it means: hot weather, swimming pools, popsicles, fireworks, fried chicken, watermelon, freedom and oh yeah....cute babies in red buckets:)
Look at what a year will do!

The furry blonde will be turning 2 on the 14th...cake and ice cream it is!!
After the photo shoot, he thought it was funny to steal the flag and prance around the yard. M was cracking up!
Despite having to work on Sunday, we made the most out of our weekend and went for bike rides, played at the park and swam in the pool.

"My daddy's the BEST!"
"That's a long way up"
Mid bike ride...momma needed a rest!

Dancing her little heart out...she was trying to keep up with the lady in the acid washed jeans to her right:)
These boys were totally hitting on her! Mac later told her to stay away from boys with long hair.

Cheating at cornhole
We had a fun time at the Daniel Island 4th of July kickoff party...water slides, music, food and lots of DOGS!!!
Bax came to hang out too:)
"Don't your feet work, Baxton....get up and dance with me?!"
One tired baby
Mac and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on July 1st and enjoyed a quiet evening on the deck watching the neighbors light off fireworks. We have plans to sneak away to NYC one day while we're up on Fire Island for vacation to see a show on Broadway.
I love this man and I'm so glad I get to kiss him goodnight for the rest of my life. I think he makes pretty cute kids too:)
Bode watching the fireworks...they don't phase him

I'm one fortunate gal
This happened this week.....PIGTAILS!!!!!! I have been waiting for this moment and now that it's scares the crap out of me!! She looks like she's five!!! And I'm not alright with that!!!
"Thank you Great Aunt Sarah for the cute Hanna Andersson comfy and momma says it washes well...whatever that means"
"And thank you Uncle Tim for the hair clips!"

Post bath time hair salon:)
Someone's top tooth is trying to make it's appearance!!!
Momma loves you beautiful girl!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fathers, Birthdays & Friends

I have been on sabbatical from blogging this month, but have no fear, the picture taking was not. We celebrated Mac's second Father's Day, Heidi's 30th birthday and I spent 4 nights away from Maryn for the first time! My seven high school/college friends and I went on our girls weekend in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We usually see each other once a year and when we do, it seems time hasn't skipped a beat and we are 18 years old again! I just love those girls!

It's amazing how fast this past year has passed us by....I remember Father's Day 2009 like it happened last month.
Poppop's first Father's day

The first time Poppop met sweet baby Maryn.
Mac and I are both so lucky to have such amazing dads. Strong role models with hearts made of mush:) Something in their eyes change when they are with Maryn. It makes me smirk:)
Mac's parents got him this bike trailer for Father's Day and we went on a 10 mile ride today!

Maryn got her daddy a Blu Ray DVD player for Father's Day so they could watch Disney movies together.
Mac has surpassed all of my expectations of him as a father. He amazes me every day with his gentle heart and constant love for M. He never complains about how much effort goes into caring for her and is always the first one to get her ready for bath time. He LOVES reading to her every night and you will always find him down on the floor playing with her during the day. He's constantly challenging her to learn new things. He is a hands on kind of dad and I couldn't have asked for anything more. We love you Mac daddy!!
He makes her laugh!
And she runs to the door when she hears the garage door open and knows that daddy's home from work. I'm such a lucky girl.
The night before I left for Florida, we surprised Heidi for her 30th birthday on a catamaran sunset cruise. What a way to kick off my girls weekend! Happy Birthday Auntie Heidi!
In our early 20's, Heidi and I were known to throw our elbows up and enjoy a nice adult beverage....whenever we get together, despite being 30, the elbows are up!
Love you girl;)
Even baby Baxton came to celebrate!

Charleston sunset over the harbor
Heidi, you don't look a day over 19!

Then I was off to the Gulf Coast to celebrate the year of our 30th birthdays! These ladies make me smile and some times pee my pants from laughing so hard. We are an odd bunch and the conversation is never boring! Three of us had to leave our babies behind. It was funny because all three dads recruited their parents to help babysit while mommy was gone. The three of us were able to relax knowing that our in-laws had things under control and our sweet babes were being loved on!
Raz, Jac, Marita, Kristen, Brit, Anne, and Moe
Raz & Jaclyn
Maureen, Katie, Brit & Anne
Anne, Kristen, me & Raz
We did a lot of this...laughing
I really didn't take any pictures and we had big plans to get a group photo but that never happened. I guess I was in non-mommy mode and forgot about the camera. It was literally 105 degrees in Florida and I thought I was going to melt. I do remember one group photo being taken at a very hot outdoor bar but if I recall, sweat was pouring down our backs so it's probably not our best.
After Florida, I headed to Birmingham to finally meet my friend Anne's 9 month old daughter, Hudson. Just look at her beautiful baby blues and that gorgeous hair! She is stunning and I totally think she's going to be a super model! I miss her already and want so badly for her and Maryn to meet.
She would get so excited and bang on her toys and scream like a monkey!! Love her!
Sweet Hudson Posey...Auntie Reba loves you!
Opening up my "I love you so much I'm so excited to meet you" gift! Anne and I were both Delta Gamma's so it was Hudson's first nautical themed attire:) Anchors aweigh HP!
There is something about bedtime that I love. No, it's not because it symbolizes another day accomplished or that Mac and I can finally relax and enjoy a glass of wine. But rather, it's the quiet time of watching these sweet little people wind down, snuggle with their lovey's and listen to their bedtime stories with such joy. Yup, I love bedtime!
Anne and her beautiful babe
Thank you Anne for opening up your summer home to all of us ladies and for sharing your pride and joy with me! I had an amazing weekend and look forward to doing it again!