Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Little Devil

Bode is growing up too quickly! He now weighs in around 35 lbs and the paws keep getting bigger! He has kept us busy which is why I haven't had the time to post updates, so this is a long one. Little man was a devil for Halloween which seemed to fit him well these days :) I of course was the angel and Mac wore some devil horns too simply because he felt so bad for Bode. The way I look at it...if you torture them while they're young then they learn to accept whatever you do to them when they're older. He's got some big patient paws to fill in respect to his older brother. We decorated the yard with huge spider webs and Mac carved a couple great pumpkins...I was busy getting the costumes together:)

Naughty and Nice

A kiss from the devil

He loved watching all the kids in our yard....he was a little scared of all the wagons but he warmed up and did great with all the kids. Bayley use to bark at the kids with masks on...he was such a little momma's boy...and I loved every second of it!

He's got this look on his face like, "are you done yet, lady?". Little does he know it's only just begun.

Like father like son.....I need another angel in the house :)

Look how little he was just 2 months ago

Here are some pics of his first bath

The first time swimming!! He actually fell into grandma and poppops pool because my cousin's dog Lilly chased him off the deck and poor Bode didn't realize that the big turquoise oval was not solid ground. He sank down to the bottom and Mac just about jumped in the pool with his clothes on to save him but within a second he floated to the top and instantly started swimming to the wall. Born to swim!

His first swim with grandma

Bode's first trip to the beach...he loves the beach

First time in the water.... I had to coax him in

My handsome boy...Bode Bay

And here we are at puppy kindergarten....where he's attempting to learn how to be a good boy

Playing with friends at school

And last but not least.......they day he lost his first tooth!!! He actually lost his four front teeth on the same day....he looked like such a goof. We love him madly:) Stay tuned for more firsts.....
The Cummings