Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet Juliet

For the past couple of months there has been something about Maryn's room that has been bothering me but I just couldn't put my finger on it. It just didn't 'flow' right and was definitely missing some artwork on the walls. So last week, we moved around some of her furniture (you may have noticed in my last post that her big white chair is now next to the window), rearranged her bookcase and I dug out some old items that were mine as a child to share with my babe. I have been searching the internet for a couple prints to hang on her walls and yesterday morning while I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep after working night shift, I came across this water color print of a sweet golden retriever the artist named Juliet. One look at that face and I was typing in my credit card number. Maryn has a new roommate! It's funny because just that night at work, we were discussing how cute and classic the name Juliet was and that one should NEVER shorten it to Julie. Now I need to find a frame...what do you think about a gold one?

You can find similar prints from amberalexander on There is this darling baby elephant named Elly holding a pink rattle that someone has to buy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Maryn is 9 months old!

It's official, Maryn has been here for the same amount of time that she was in my belly! At around 8.5 months, she started crawling and walking behind her push toy. She is cruising around all of the furniture and stepping from her push toy to other stationary toys. At 8 months, her vocabulary took off and for about a week she was saying a new word each day...mama, dada, Bode, hi, bye and what sounds like book. Then at around 8.5 months, the vocabulary slowed down and her motor skills took off. She loves to wave and clap and dance dance dance! I signed her up for Kindermusik class which starts in February...this little girl loves to dance so I thought it was a perfect outlet to shake her groove thang! Let me know if you and your little one want to join us!

We broke out the glitzy dress for this very special 9 months in:9 months out celebration!

And we danced a little to keep the party going
Every night before Mac and I go to bed we race each other into her room to watch her sleep. The other night when we looked down at her I just couldn't believe how long she has gotten! I mean...she looked like a toddler laying in my babies crib.
Showing off to nanny that not only can she push her toy but she can store a whole apple in her cheek! What!? Just look at the size of that cheek!

And this is typically how I find her in the morning. We have since removed the bumper in her crib because I was envisioning her using it as a step ladder to escape. The only problem now is that she wakes herself up in the middle of the night when she bangs her head on the rails. I think we'll be purchasing one of those breathable mesh bumpers:)

She's on the loose...

...and it's wearing me out! I didn't know how easy I had it when all she did was lay on a blanket and occasionally roll over. She really started to crawl and take off a couple weeks ago. And then a day later, she started walking behind her push toy. Momma needs a new pair of tennis shoes! This girl is quick! These videos were taken a couple weeks ago and since that time, she has really improved both skills. The one of her walking was actually the second time she did it...she was a little unsure of her capabilities.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Great Man...Great Poppop Johnson

Our days here are limited, I just hope that I can live my life half as fullfilling as Maryn's great Poppop Johnson. Austin Baker Johnson Jr. passed away January 13, at home with his wife of 60 years by his side. We jumped on a flight to New Jersery the next day and spent last weekend with family, celebrating Poppop's life. He was a great man with many great accomplishments. He served as a pilot in the Army Air Corps during WWII, graduated from Yale University (where he lived in the same dorm as President George Bush senior!) and Columbia Law School. He was the municipal court judge of North Caldwell, NJ for 36 years and senior partner of Johnson, Gallagher and Burgio law firm. And as if he had any spare time from serving his country, his local city, his wife and four children, he was involved with both his church community and local Kiwanis as well. I had the priviledge several years ago to sail with him on his beautiful sailboat, The Merry Sea (named after his wife, Mary....Maryn's name sake). He loved spending the summer at their family home in Point O' Woods, was so important to him. The first born son of each of his children were named after him, using Austin as their middle name, including M.A.C...Michael Austin Cummings. Maryn was his first and only Great grand child and we are so touched that he was able to meet her, witness her baptism and share his legacy with her this past summer at Point O' Woods. He will be greatly missed.

We love you, Poppop!

Maryn's first New Jersey

It was melting but we found one last pile to play in

Poppop's sister, Rhoda, meeting Maryn for the first time. Her twin brother, Benham, was killed in a car accident at the young age of 23. We like to think that Poppop is now with his brother and son, Mac's uncle Chris who passed away a year and a half ago from pancreatic cancer.

Grandma Cummings stealing a kiss from Maryn.

It doesn't matter how old you are or how old your father is, it's difficult to lose your daddy.

Grandma has been so supportive and helpful to her parents for the past year especially. She even retired this past fall so that she could spend more time with them, a decision I know she will never regret. Every time I spoke with her, she was on the road to New Jersey. I hope Maryn loves me that much when I'm old and my days are limited.

Great grandma Mary and Maryn, sharing lunch together

And sharing with mommy :) Spinach and kale puffs...yummy!

We gathered for lunch at aunt Anita's sisters' house after the funeral.

Our layover was delayed two hours. Hangin' with uncle Nick at the airport while mommy searched out Starbucks!
Chompin' on some Sophie hoof mid flight. No, this child does not have any teeth yet. All those times, several months ago when she was crabby and irritable and I felt so bad for her and spoiled her because I thought she was teething....she got me!
She's the best little traveler...snoozed most of the way. Mac looks thrilled...his arm was numb:)

My advice for flying:

1. Bottle of water for take off and landing

2. Lovey

3. Crackers/snacks!

4. Lysol wipes to wipe down EVERYTHING within arms reach

5. Dress them in layers and bring a blanket

6. and a cell phone for them to play with :)

This girl will pick up our phone, place it to her ear and say "hi"! Sounds just like a 'valley girl' too!
What an angel.

She's got her own angel in heaven now, watching down on her, guiding her to love her family and to dream big.
And yes, I know Maryn is 9 months old. I just took her picture in the big white chair yesterday. Will post soon.

Enjoy your Friday and call your grandparents today...or speak to them in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Cummings Christmas

This little girl, pretty in pink, is one spoiled grand baby. Grandma and Poppop Cummings spent an entire week lovin' on this girl. All week, all she wanted to do was walk walk walk.
Standing..."look hands"

She's even cute when she's crying

"Can we do this every month?"

Uncle Tim and Poppop teaching Maryn how NOT to eat the wrapping paper
Grandma is the BEST!!
She walked her around the house all week

Grandma teaching Maryn proper table manners
Tubby Time

Both grandma's got a chance to scrub her clean

She's cruising along the furniture, moving from one piece to the next

The flash startled her
A day at the beach with Uncle Nick's dog, Dom.
Bode can't keep up with him to save his life


This is what girls do while boys shop for suits
Uncle Nick
Poppop working hard making a movie from our Christmas pictures. Every year, we get a movie from the years pictures...the best gift under the tree.

New Year's Eve: we sat out on the deck and watched the neighborhood fireworks

Even Sadie spent the week with us
Can you tell we let her stay up past her bedtime?

Here's to another amazing year filled with happiness, health and the company of our friends and family. May you all find peace and a fresh start on your dreams. Thank you for loving my family and for encouraging me as a mother.