Friday, August 15, 2008

Uncle Chris is smiling down on us

Father, mother, sister

One week after our Bayley went to heaven, Mac's Uncle Chris lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and joined our boy in the eternal Kingdom of God. Family and friends gathered in New Jersey for his funeral. I have never seen so many people at one person's funeral in my life...he was and is truly loved and missed. It inspired me to live my life touching others in a way like he did. It was wonderful to see Mac's family, despite the circumstances, but we celebrated, as only Chris would have wanted us to.

A slideshow put together by Mac's parents

Flowers and pictures and pictures and was wonderful

Aunt Anita and Laura....wife and daughter

Mac and his grandfather

Play'in in Gina's pool! Thanks Gina.....for allowing us to invade your beautiful home

Poppop Johnson.....father

Anita and sister Gina

Our 'special' brother


The cousins

Brother, Cort and his wife, Pam
Sister, Sarah and her husband Kevin

Son, Blair

May the Lord bless this family with peace in their time of suffering and the faith to trust the ways of the Lord. It is my own personal blessing from above that I have become a part of such a loving family.