Thursday, March 22, 2012

Benham is 11 months old!

This little smirk sums up the spirit of this little boy. He is pure joy. Sent straight to my arms from heaven above. He's got a much bigger personality than I have. He's the class clown in his Kindermusik class. He prefers not to sit still or lay quietly during infant message. His teacher and fellow students acknowledge this and accept it. He's allowed to do his own thing during 'quiet' time. He likes to mingle and will speed crawl to each child, give a good Woody laugh right into their face and then move onto the next. He thinks the world loves him.  I just sit back and marvel at God's creativity. Sweet, quiet, obedient Maryn floated into my existence at a time when I needed sweet, quiet and obedience. She was delivered effortlessly with a few little pushes and that is exactly how she remains. She makes parenting look easy. Benham crashed into my existence on his own terms and forced me to succumb to his master plan and accept those things that I can't control. And that is exactly how he remains. He makes me laugh uncontrollably. 
At 11 months, he loves to say mama, ball, Bobo & bye bye. He dances, waves, claps and does sign language for all done and milk. He is one of the fastest crawlers I've ever seen. To be honest, I don't have any clear memories of Maryn crawling.  He also likes to do the crab walk up on his hands and toes and will share his milk with you if you engage him in a good game of chase. And oh, he's got 4.5 teeth!

 crab walk
 Happy birthday Mac daddy! You are one in a million and I couldn't do this parenting gig without you. Hands on, proactive and attentive. That's you my dear and I'm forever thankful for you...MUAH!!
 And because I love you so much, I got you a new drill/driver, so we can, you know, fix things together.
 Windy day at the park
 O.k., so it's not totally laying flat yet.
 We've got a tiny dancer in our home and she's preparing for her first recital in May. Permasmile, on me that is.
 I drop to my knees and praise God for her life.
 Who knows if she'll hate that sweet little birth mark over her left eye. I tell her it's a kiss from an angel wearing brown lipstick. 

 first position

 She had a tea party with Sleeping Beauty for Valentine's Day. I must post pictures.

 And here's a little sneak peak for their birthday party this year:
Soon to be 3 !!!!
 Soon to be 1 !!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Benham is 10 months old!

Whoa, I am totally cutting it close this month. Benham was 10 months old way back on February 7th. I promised myself I would do this for my children. I already find myself paging through the early months of Maryn's life and feel thankful that I recorded it. Ben is still an active little guy and when you turn your head and don't see him anymore, he is more than likely in the laundry room playing in Bode's water bowl. The kid is FAST! Maryn has taught him to duel her in screaming contests. They banter back and forth and while it was cute at first, it is ear piercing now. I have a feeling that he's going to clear my refrigerator, freezer and pantry on a biweekly basis. He can throw down some food. Eats about 5 times as much as Maryn, and she's almost 3. He's still pushing his walker and when he ultimately crashes into a deadend, he just stands there and screams. All electrical outlets are covered but he has managed to find every open phone jack and jam his finger into it. He laughs like Woody Woodpecker and I do believe it warrants a videotaping. I might not get around to posting it until his third birthday but I'll still give myself a pat on the back for actually getting it done.

 This is what boys do....
Put everything in their mouths. 
 ...and this. 
I found/heard him after his nap, jumping in his crib and screeching like a chimpanzee
 ...and this.
Eat boogers.

 And this is the face that forces me to uncontrollably kiss him all over!
 This face does that to me as well.
 They L.O.V.E their Bo Bo!
 Guess who's having a 'train' birthday party??

 Icing daddy's Valentine's cake

 And we have a thumb sucker :(
 School partay!!
 This is when I feel bad for the teachers...a little hyped up on sugar?
 B's got to be a part of the action.

 Haven't found anything this child won't eat.
 His hair has grown quite a bit this month and *almost* lays flat. The fuzzy mohawk may soon be a sweet little memory of the past. Oh how I loved his fuzzy little snuggle head!
He sat here and actually rocked himself back and forth like a little old man and took in the sights, people watching with mommy. 

 The morning at the Aquarium ended up with Grandma and Maryn in the gift shop buying an Ariel bathtub castle. Not a total spoil moment, she did earn it. Dry Pull Up for three nights in a row!!! Yeah Mimi!!
And just when I'm starting to feel excited about moving out of the baby stage, one of my best friends goes and gives birth to this beauty and makes me want another one!! 
Meet Emmeline "Emme" Loret 
January 15, 2012
7lb 11oz  20.5 in
Marita & Eric, 
May this beautiful daughter of yours bring you that sudden awareness of how wonderful this life really is. Can't wait to meet her!!