Friday, July 27, 2012

Benham is 15 months old!

This month, Big Ben has taken a few lessons on self defense. Maryn has gotten a little more physical with her little brother and the tiny teeth marks on his back are proof that she has no idea that the tables are about to be turned. I warn her every day just so I can say, "I told you so".  
Benham Austin
15 months old
25 lb. 11 oz.  60th percentile
31.5 in.  70th precentile
head circumference 47.5 cm

What I find so amazing about him is that every day. multiple times a day. without being asked. he signs thank you. Used appropriately and in context. You give him a toy and he says thanks. You pick up his dropped cup and he says thanks. You open the baby gate and he says thanks. He does not say thank you when you change his diaper. That looks more like a scene from the Crocodile Hunter. He's thrashing around with 8 exposed teeth, that he's not afraid to use, and I'm dodging kicks and crocodile death rolls.  

Daddy cut his hair, the messy spike, and I cried because it was too short. I got over it and now I like it.

Bode Bay turned 4 and he celebrated with a lamb bone.

Maryn singing "Happy Birthday to YOU!"

It's also been four years since we were forced to say good bye to this good looking kid. Benham has a dog lovey that he sleeps with every night and when we were thinking of a potential name, the only thing that came to mind was Bayley. Ben jumps into his crib yelling "Bay Bay". I think of that dog every day. Love and miss you big guy.

Besides losing her for a good two minutes at the water park, we were so proud of her independence on the slide. Not her independence on deciding she'd wander to the baby pool. I'm still shooken up about it. I know that I've only known her for three years, but they have been the greatest three years of my life. My heart would freeze over without her. 

July 4th!
Why do boys spit in the face of danger? 
Firework Safety 101: Don't eat the fireworks

Watching the neighborhood firework display from Grandma and Poppop's new back porch.

This picture illustrates that Benham is basically the male version of Maryn.

I waited three years for this day. It's the reason we have these beautiful children, right?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Benham is 14 months old!

Benham wants to have full fledged adult conversations with us. He believes his grunts of various tones are a real language and that we understand each "ah ah ah". It can be a little embarrassing when we're out in public. He's loud and persistent. When he poops, he'll pat his diaper and say "poo poo" and when asked what a fire truck says, he'll give you a siren noise. He can show you where his ears, hair, teeth, fingers and toes are and thinks that every man over the age of 55 is his Poppop. He is a special little boy with a laugh that is contagious. 

Last month he went from taking a few steps to RUNNING!

And he's comfortable in his own manhood that pushing a stroller doesn't even put a dent in his ego.

His first of many fat lips to come.

Fathers Day 2012

Poppop teaching him the ways of the water.

And while I was downloading Father's Day pictures, I realized that I never gave myself a shout out on Mother's Day. Or ever posted pics from Easter. That's for another day.

Maryn has been busy this summer with swim lessons and multiple camps at the recreation center. This particular one had a different theme each day. Her best bud, Lily, joined her for a tea party.

And while the girls were prim and proper for the tea party, their little brothers were out in the hall acting like boys.

She also took a Disney swim/dance camp and Benham took it upon himself to perform the opening act of the final rehearsal at the end of the week. I looked up from grabbing my camera and there he was. He found a jump rope and started jumping. He thinks he's five.

Maybe five and a half.

Currently his favorite person on earth.

July 1st marked our survival of 6 years of marriage. 12 consecutive years as a couple.  I still think he's pretty darn hot.

And I sort of think we make really cute kids. toot toot

Crazy Aunt Kathie came for her yearly visit and we think it happened again. We've recruited yet another family member to migrate down south. She's house hunting! :)

Aunt Kathie's birthday pool party!

She's a crazy one and we are thrilled to have her around permanently.

Plus, she makes the best fried tomatoes.

Sweet baby Maryn's first movie theater experience with her friend, Ella. Brave.

She loved it! I personally thought there were a couple scary scenes that may or may not have been responsible for her stalling of bedtime for the next several nights.

And this child wants to pitch a tent in the back yard and sleep there, eat there and play there. He doesn't care that it's 102 degrees with the heat index. He wants to play outside ALL day. He's a sweater too.

Our version of snow angels.

 He's ruthless.

And she is in trouble. This boy is going to be taller and bigger than her in about 2 years.