Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The new 'poodle' look

Bayley's bowels are under control so we headed to the oncologist on Monday for our first 30 minute chemotherapy infusion. His last chemo injections have been quick injections into the muscle or pills, but this week he had to sit very still for 30 minutes. It's just like humans who go in for their chemo and have to sit in a room with a lot of chairs, filled with fellow chemo fighters...except this place has doggie beds. He also had an echocardiogram of his heart to make sure that the chemo is not damaging his heart valves. The doctor said that his heart is perfect and full of love....but we already knew that:) Unfortunately, more so for my unfortune, they shaved his arm to look like a poodle!!! It looks ridiculous and of course I'm already coming up with ways to hide the 'bad haircut'! My boy is too handsome to walk around looking like a poodle! Check out the 'temporary' look!
Bayley's battle wound
Happy to show it off
Site of his chemo infusion...they shaved his arm like a poodle!
He's totally embarrassed about the new look......we're looking into a sweat band to cover the poor shave job.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A little stomach 'bug'....quite literally

Bayley after he realized he wasn't getting chemo today:)
Plethora of medications

So, we went to the vet for round five of chemotherapy today but Bayley has had severe diarrhea since Sunday..I know, I'm sorry. He's been taking Immodium and an antibiotic to stop the diarrhea but to no avail it continues. The docs took a stool sample and we found out that it wasn't the chemo making him sick......he has hook worms and coccidia!!!! EEWWWW....I'm totally grossed out, especially since humans can get hook worms from dogs. But, there is always a positive....if I got hookworms, it would be a guarantee 5 lb weight loss program. ha ha! The reason he has these 'bugs' is because he has a weakened immune system from the chemo, a normal thing but of course my dog chooses to be 'high maintenance' as usual. The plethora of medications continues to mount on my kitchen counter, as does the monetary value of all of these medications and visits. But, like every good pet owner states "he's totally worth every penny". Needless to say, we left the vet with three additional medications and NO chemo this week. We're given the kid a break.

Our trip to the mountains...Bayley's heaven

We spent last weekend in the mountains of Asheville, NC and loved every moment. Bayley was in heaven...freedom to run off leash and too many smells to take in. It was definately a therapeutic trip.

Our cabin

Posing cuz he knows he looks good

Me and my 'Boo'

LiveSTRONG, Bayley

Can't stop mom...gotta run!

Our spoiled Bay!

Kisses from mommy
Kisses from daddy

Bay's new bed!

Our first day of chemotherapy

On our way to chemo.."I'm not too sure about this mom??"
Off he goes...chemo time!

Hey mom, it says I need a parental signature

Boy's love scars!

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Happy Birthday to ME!
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