Monday, November 23, 2009

Maryn is 7 months old!

We are having so much fun in our house!! Maryn is 7 months old and she is just a blast to be around. She giggles and laughs, gives out hugs and kisses, loves to dance to ANY and ALL music...even church music, she's a great traveler, great sleeper, great eater, great pooper :)! What more could a mother ask for? Maryn recently took her first plane ride to attend Mac's cousins wedding in Pittsburgh and she received multiple compliments on what a good baby she was...actually, she was told that she was the best baby on a plane they've ever seen...that made us smile. She is such a joy to be around every moment. We really did get lucky with this one!
She has mastered her mode of transportation...she rolls from one side of the room to the other and spins around, she's not crawling yet but I have a feeling she's going to bypass the actual crawl and go straight for walking. She loves to stand up holding onto the couch that I think we'll be removing the coffee table this week to avoid future head injuries. No teeth yet and for a nursing mum...that's just fantastic!

We laugh all day long

This is her belly laugh

and we always have an audience

The greatest thing about this age: she can actually learn and retain information. My mom taught her "Soooo Big"! All you have to do is ask her 'how big are you, Maryn?" and she lifts her arms up to the sky! We freaked out the first time she did it! That moment when your child can actually demonstrate to you that they understand what you're saying is like a wake up call. At that very think she's a genius, a gifted child...and then you realize you better watch what you say and do around these little sponges...if she stands in front of her father with her hands on her hips with her foot tapping then I'm in serious trouble and my gig is up.

She typically shows of her skillz with a little smirk on her face and it melts me every time.

I know too soon that we'll be counting years instead of months and it will be just as hard on me as it was when we started counting months instead of weeks, but for now, I will enjoy these moments as if they were seconds.

I am exactly where I had dreamed I'd be 15 years ago. Laying on my comfy clean sofa in my beautiful safe home with my healthy happy child next to my furry friend sipping on a glass of wine all the while smiling at my handsome loving husband. It is for these things that I am grateful for in this season of thanks and these things that leave me in constant wonderment about the Man upstairs. Ahh yes....can I get an Amen?!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Visiting with grandparents and growing big!

Maryn finally had her 6 month pediatrician visit, complete with vaccinations. We're still a little behind by a couple weeks (Maryn will be 7 months on Sunday). She did great with the shots and is growing well.
Maryn Amelia 6 3/4 months
16 lbs 11 oz 50th percentile
25 1/2 in. 25th percentile
head circumference 41 1/2 cm. 25th percentile
When grandma Cummings was visiting, nanny and poppop Loeper came to visit for a and home cooked chili! Maryn was snuggled triple time by both grandma's and poppop.
We stopped at the Gymboree outlet...they have a tv with little chairs to occupy the children while their mothers go nuts shopping. I found my mom sitting with Maryn listening to music...Maryn was rocking side to side dancing to the music! It was hilarious! Now...anytime she hears music...she starts rocking side to side, we call it 'dancing'....or when she's sitting in her highchair and she gets excited to eat...dancing!
My mom made chili and we had Mac's brothers over for dinner. Maryn loves sitting up to the table and joining in the conversation.

Maryn loves her grandparents and can't wait to see poppop Cummings REAL soon!!!!! He hasn't seen Maryn since she was 4 months old...and we all know how much she has changed since then!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Underdoggie.. know, when someone pushes you on a swing and they dangerously run underneath you! Well, we took Maryn to the park for her first swing ride a couple weeks ago and she was all smiles...Bode performed the underdoggie this time!
On our way to the park...we stopped at Sonic for a drink and they gave him a small cup of ice cream! One happy pup I tell you!
There's a new waterfront park in our town, underneath the new bridge, complete with a fishing pier, playground and green space for doggies to run.
"mommy & daddy...what took you so long to put me in this thing?"

She was giggling and just looked so proud of herself!
We've been to our neighborhood park to swing EVERY day this past's a good water break in the middle of my run.

There was this spinning seat...that I couldn't control at all while holding Maryn!!! We kept going around and around and I had to scream at Mac to stop us before either Maryn or myself lost our lunch in front of the other kiddies. I love any and all rollercoasters but the spinning tea cups are NOT my favorite :)

Chillin' in the slide
Her shirt says "I'm a hug waiting to happen"! So true....
her new thing is to give out hugs!!! She squeezes your neck so hard she temporarily cuts off circulation to your brain...I don't mind though...outward signs of affection from my children are always welcome~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Teach them how to button...

I must admit...having a daughter is like the adult version of playing dress up with your dolls. After her morning nap, we stand in front of her closet or stare into her drawers...looking for the perfect outfit that will meet our needs for the day. Lazy days require lazy soft cotton clothes, afternoons at the park require warm layered looks and an afternoon shopping requires the perfect pair of shoes :) You need to offer your child choices so that they gain a sense of independance. Most mornings...I find Maryn like this...standing at her dresser...debating denim vs. cotton nylon stretch???

Dig deep girl, dig deep!

On this particular morning...she kept complaining about a cool breeze in her room...

...she had a lesson on buttoning.

and then we practiced crawling...
...she's almost there!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

April babies...bring fall flowers!!

Alright...grab yourself a glass of apple cider and a slice of pumpkin pie and stay awhile...I told you I love Halloween!!!

Our little Maryn was a beautiful flower!

Please don't call child protective services on me...she enjoyed being shoved into a large orange gourd!

This smile is amazing

She was so cute...I couldn't stop taking pictures

We had a little halloween bash at our house and auntie Heidi came over dressed as a cat...Maryn was trying to figure out what was on her head...we're dog people!

And mommy was a bee....a 'boo' bee actually! Very appropriate since that's exactly what I feel like as a nursing mom for 6.5 months

Bode was a bee too! The two of them were to die for! Trick or treaters were actually taking pictures of them.

"Something seems different with you Bode but I just can't seem to figure it out"

He's suckin' the sweetness right outta her!

Mac carved their names in the pumpkins

Party in the driveway

Auntie Heidi with Mare Bear

Heidi and I wore these 'boo' bee costumes in nursing school with a couple of our other friends about 7 years ago...I was just pleased that the shirt still fit me :)

Trick or Treat!!!

Uncle Tim

He actually did great wearing his costume...he's such a ham like his big brother Bayley

She had a loooonnnngggg day! She fell asleep the moment her head touched grandma's shoulder!

Time for night night...auntie Heidi helped get Maryn in her jammies

...but not before we had another photoshoot in her room:)

The poor kid was exhausted and we just couldn't control the camera was 88 degrees on Halloween...this outfit is merely a prop.

Our little 'Plump'kin

Sometimes...well, most of the time....I look at this face and can't believe she's mine!

Grandma showing Maryn her treat bag

Halloween morning we went to the farmers market downtown....Bode and Maryn were in their coordinating costumes and I think about 4 people stopped and asked if they could take their picture! They were adorable!
Check out Bode's stinger....he can be such a pain in my butt sometimes :)

Blue eyed beauty

A stroll down King Street

Looking cute is hard work...
...but somebody's gotta do it!
Hope your Halloween's were filled with treats as sweet as mine!