Sunday, September 30, 2012

Benham is 17 months olds! Easter 2012

One more month of the big white chair and thank goodness because it took me 1.5 months to get this posted. I think I took 5 pictures in the month of September. Life is moving fast and some days I want to hit the pause button. Preferably during nap time. 5 o'clock chimes and I look around the house and although I know that my bottom hasn't hit a chair all day, I often have nothing to show for my sweat and tears. Am I the only mom that seriously eats her lunch standing? Breakfast in the car on the way to preschool? I eat while filling cups with milk, unloading the dishwasher, and painting egg cartons to make hanging bats. This chaos and noise is strangely comforting to me. Most days, neighbors ask how my night shift was and despite the disheveled face, I didn't work last night. That's when I go inside and shower and once a month I dry my hair.  I love this season of my life. No time to relish in the thought, I've got to clean peanut butter off the wall. 

He's got a wicked curve ball and he'll aim straight for your head.

2 seconds later, sweet as pie hugging his baseball.
He can be pretty naughty. But he does give the best hugs after he bites.
17 months and has already been introduced to 'time out'.
He's down right funny. The only person in our family's that can make me laugh is my brother. A rare gene but I like it.

Since I'm filling in holes here...
Easter 2012

This is what I'm talking about. Just look how much they've changed in just 6 months. God should have made this human development thing linger just a little longer.

Bud, Lily.

Someone was terrified of the Bunny. Santa pictures this year might be entertaining. Last year he pulled his beard and laughed about it and he was only 8 months old. I pray for patience EVERY day! 

Her heart is so kind and compassionate. She's intelligent but not a leader. She hasn't quite developed emotional control yet but the tantrums have lessened over the last month and I see her happy place in the near future.  Today in the car, she talked nonstop for 15 minutes and I sort of lost my tolerance for the incessant questioning so I said "WOW Maryn, you talk a lot". She replied, "that's how God made me". She's much wiser than me. I appreciate those moments when she enlightens me. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Grandma is with her groom and Benham is 16 months old!

Sir Benham Austin, king of the house, was 16 months old last month. August was a blur and we are just now getting into the swing of every day living. We took our annual trip to Fire Island and spent 10 days in our secret little slice of heaven without cars or air conditioning. It took me three weeks to pack but was forced to unpack, wash and repack just three days after our return. My grandmother passed away August 16. We loaded ourselves into the car and drove 12 hours back up north to Pennsylvania. The kids and I had airline tickets to go see her just five days after she passed. I was crushed. She was diagnosed with cancer just 7 weeks prior but she had been given 3-6 months. It's only been 13 months since my Poppop had died. Where there's a will, it was her way to see him sooner than later. 

As you can imagine, Benham provided much entertainment and lifted spirits at her service. He is still such a joy and far too often he makes my jaw drop. It drops from realization that he is totally capable of doing ANYTHING! He should never be underestimated. EVER. Like I've mentioned before, he absolutely believes that he is 5 years old and I've found myself starting to believe it. I don't think twice when I look over and he's climbed the ladder of his swing set and sliding down the slide himself or jumping over a 3 ft gap from the ottoman to the sofa yelling "I did it!" or peeing and pooping in the potty. I'm not sure if it's because he's only copying his sister or whether I birthed a toddler. Either way, I just really shouldn't count him out on anything.

Both Benham and Maryn started telling us that they had to go poo poo around 15 months and we ignored the signs. And both had their first poo poo in the potty while we were at Point O' Woods. Since that first week in August, he's done both number 1 and 2 in the potty several times. He'll pat himself, say "poo poo" and run for the bathroom. Tiny M & M treats were rewarded for this dump:) Doesn't he look like a grown man just spending some quality time after a long day at work on the toilet? Now where's the newspaper?

The night time thumb sucking has slowly turned into watching t.v. thumb sucking and riding in the car thumb sucking. You know my thoughts on breaking bad habits early, so watch out buddy, I'll be painting your thumb bitter pretty soon. 

First day of 3K preschool! 
Maryn's attending an arts infused preschool this year and it is absolutely fabulous! Every week they have a visit from Mother Goose herself, cook Latino food while learning Spanish and take percussion lessons from Dan the drummer. 

September 6, 2012
Apparently, she wants to be Snow White when she grows up. I was asked this same question the first week of Kindergarten and my reply, Nurse. It's good to know I've followed through on something.

Gave me a hug and dashed away. This child never had stranger anxiety as a baby and never once got upset when I left her at Mother's Morning Out, the gym daycare or 2K preschool. She is a champ and LOVES to learn! 

Feeding stingrays at the aquarium. 

Point O' Woods
Haven't yet tackled those pictures.

Marian Angela Loeper
June 23, 1923-August 16, 2012
My grandmother was the epitome of class. She was always put together and accessorized. She never forgot a birthday or anniversary. I'm pretty sure I inherited that gene. My birthday is in a couple weeks and I'm almost certain that this will be the first year of my life that I won't pick up the phone on my birthday to hear her singing Happy Birthday to me. It will probably be a tough day for me. She was my last living grandparent and was healthy as an ox. She was sharp. She pronounced my name with a long E, RE-becca and it always made me smile when I heard it. She was an excellent cook and ALWAYS had a homemade chocolate cake with homemade icing sitting on her kitchen table when we came to visit. Her pantry was stocked full of non perishable items and they were all dated the day she bought them. I'm not sure if living through the Great Depression was the reason for her preparedness but it was a sight to see. I don't think I ever saw a fleck of dust in her home and she always hid a sheet of fabric softener in your pillowcase when you came to visit. I probably also inherited her detail oriented gene. And when she came to visit us at our house, she would leave a little surprise on our pillow when she left. She was a very special woman who loved her husband, her children, her grandchildren, and great grandchildren immensely. Mac's parents sent a beautiful floral arrangement to the funeral home and tucked inside were two butterflies on floral wire. For some reason, those butterflies caught my eye. During her funeral mass, I asked her to give me sign that she was with my Poppop and that there really is something special after this life. An hour later, after her burial, I look at the floral arrangement and there sitting on a petal was a butterfly. She was with me that day. I felt her. And there really is life after death. 

Maryn and her namesake.
Last year at Poppop's funeral.
Seven of their great grandchildren were at Poppop's funeral and Grandma said that the only thing that helped her get through mass without fully losing it was hearing the chatter of our babies. It isn't living without children in our lives. 

Grandma, your butterfly hangs in Maryn's room and every night she tells us that Great Grandma Loeper is keeping her safe. We were at the park the other day and a butterfly flew by and Maryn said, "Look mommy, Great Grandma's here!".
We love you, miss you and think of you often.
The last words she spoke to me,
"Rebecca, you know I love you honey"