Sunday, December 16, 2012

Benham is 18 months old! Like, 2 months ago.

His last picture in the big white chair until his second birthday, which at this point, is right around the corner. October is always a crazy busy month for us with fall festivals, Halloween parties, the birthday of yours truly and this year a wedding in New York. Now, I'm baking cookies for school bake sales, researching and executing Elf on the Shelf shenanigans, bargain shopping, wrapping gifts, digging out my summer clothes because awkwardly it's still 80 degrees here and spreading holiday joy to my sweet children. Sweet children who deserve my patience every single day, extra kisses on the tip on their noses and an extra book at the wake of the Connecticut elementary school tragedy.  I've cried every day since Friday and no matter how hard I consciously try to escape the thought, I can't. Angels with Christ, may they always live within the innocent childhood joy that this holiday season holds. God Bless their souls and the women who lost their lives trying to protect them.

Benham Austin is everything I've ever dreamed my son would be. He's intelligent, funny as hell, handsome, loving, good natured, obedient with a side of flavor, and as Mac's grandmother would say...he's far from wishy washy. Strong in character and strong in strength. He's a solid man-boy and still acts 5 times his age. I can't take him anywhere without someone commenting on his hair. The messy spike fits his personality so I gel it every morning 'cause it's clear that's who he is.  
Benham Austin
18 months
27 lb 13 oz  70th percentile
33 in. 75th percentile
head circumference 48 cm  50th percentile    

He talks a lot and has an extensive vocabulary, even stringing together three word sentences. He loves cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, balls and eating chalk. Also enjoys dipping his fingers in Bode's water bowl when he needs to wet his palate mid day. LOVES books and insists on which books he wants read at bedtime. His dog lovey named Bay Bay should have an insurance policy, as well as his left thumb. 

And she is the sweetest big sister a man-boy could ever ask for. She's well aware that he will soon be taller than her so she's enjoying the authority while it lasts. She keeps order in the house and informs me promptly when he reaches for something he shouldn't, gets too close to a hot stove or needs a diaper change.

I wash a lot of windows between the two of these guys.
Ashton had a Rapunzel birthday party and the kids were crazy about their long blonde braids. Such a great idea, Laura! She still wears it.

I turned another year older and we'll leave it at that.

First year of my life that I was sick on my birthday:(

We flew to Syracuse for the wedding of Mac's cousin Patrick and his beautiful bride, Colleen. We love them and actually see a lot ourselves and the foundation of our relationship in them.

We took a quick trip to Rochester to see the kids' cousins. Bless my Aunt Carolyn for watching the kids while we enjoyed the night out at the reception.

If you're ever in Rochester, visit the Museum of Play. Phenomenal for kids of all ages.
We even got to see Sesame Street!

We stayed at the Mirbeau Inn and Spa, which was basically a little castle tucked in the hills of Skaneateles. Beautiful.
Pretending to be Rapunzel.

I see NO resemblance among Mac's mom, her mother and siblings. None. Bah! 
Sans children

Pumpkin Patch

I had more fun on the air pillow than the kids!

Certified: grown in South Carolina

Fall festival with best pal, Lily.

Little Red Riding Hood and appropriately donned Big Bad Wolf

Even though he does enjoy a bite of Mimi from time to time, they are madly in love.

And we couldn't forget Grandma. Though I think he would have preferred we did. Let it be known that this was only accomplished because the dog was sedated. He had a horribly infected hot spot on his tail from allergies and was neurotic from the itch and being on steroids. I politely asked for a sedative so that my carpet wasn't worn down in a circular pattern from his pacing and so that I could dress him in a nightgown, bonnet and spectacles.

Trick or treating, hayride much nicer than walking.

Two grandma's to spoil them rotten and to love them incessantly. Can't describe the joy in my heart knowing that my children will grow up among their grandparents.

Best bud, Ashton, at the neighborhood party. Ashton won first place for her Izzy costume and her dad took home first place for his chili! They cleaned house this year.

He calls her Nana.

"I wouldn't fit in the pumpkin this year so she turned me into one. I don't want to talk about it." ~Ben

Carving is his job.

And being my beautiful little pumpkin is hers.