Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday Month: Maryn is THREE; Benham is ONE !!!

These two are best friends. She's respectful when he's sleeping and won't dare open his door. He tries to respect her toys, but at a year old it's hard to know whether or not her chalk is edible or if the bananas in her kitchen will taste good with a side of slobber.
Here's how this attempt at a dual shot panned out...
He already wins every fight.

Maryn Amelia
3 years old
32 lbs  60th percentile
37 in. 50th percentile
My sweet first born angel given to me straight from the hands of God. I don't know if it was the pain of having a c section with Benham that blinded my memory of Maryn's birth, but I cannot remember ANY pain from her labor or delivery or recovery? That's how nature works. If we remembered that pain, we'd never do it again.
Mimi, you are such a smart little girl. You have been so articulate since the age of 18 months. Your language skills blow me away. You are still a cautious little soul and rarely take risks but you have surprised Daddy and I with your ability to ride your bike, climb the rock wall and kick a soccer ball. You love your dance class and insist on which leotard you're going to wear to class every week. You love to wear dresses and fancy shoes. You love having friends. You love YOUR baby, Benham. When I do something for you that you really appreciate, you'll say the sweetest things like "oh, Mommy, thank you sooo much for getting me some milk", or "oh, Mommy, thank you sooo much for folding my laundry". That shows me that your heart is full of compassion. You recently mastered jig saw puzzles and I still can't believe you are able to complete them all by yourself. What's so awesome about everything you do is that it's a first for your daddy and I. You give us the opportunity to watch a human being grow into what I hope will be a contributing member of society. A giver, a lover, a doer. We love you Mimi girl!

Sassy Pants

Benham Austin
12 months old
23 lb. 50th percentile
30 1/4 in. 65th percentile

"I'm ONE, deal with it Mom"!!!

Benham Austin, you are PURE JOY. You make us laugh, you make yourself laugh and you make the dog laugh. You are brilliantly funny and such a breath of fresh air in my life. I can't live without you. You love balls, trains, trucks and your sister Maryn brightens your day. You can kick a ball, throw a ball and roll a ball. When I lift you from your crib in the morning, you squeeze your arms around my neck and I stand there frozen with love for about 5 seconds. After the hug, you point outside and grunt. This means, "look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the grass, look at the clouds, look at the pond". You have loved being outside since you were a newborn. It instantly quiets a tantrum and good Lord, you have already been known to sprawl face first on the kitchen floor if your cup has water in it instead of milk. When it was time to switch from breast milk to whole cows milk, I just poured it in a cup, handed it to you and watched as you chugged it. Onto the next milestone. If you pick up your cup and the spout is on the opposite side, you'll throw it on the ground, wait for it to spin and then pick it up again until it fits perfectly in your hands. Pretty genius. You're a chatter box and I'm slightly afraid it's going to get you into trouble during your school years. You're also a cuddle bug and that may get you into trouble as well. We love you baby Benham!

Nanny and Poppop hooked him up with some Power Wheels. It took him 30 seconds to figure out how to use his little thumb on the power button. 

Neat and tidy...
...does not define my son.
But devious does;)

Come along and help us celebrate TWO!
Two beautiful, happy, healthy, loving children that bring me joy each and every minute of each and every day. That's not an exaggeration:) I totally love this gig.

Second cousin, Christian came for the party all the way from North Carolina! I found him at the top of the stairs the morning after the party and the first thing he said was, "where's the choo choo?". I think it was a hit!
Nanny and Poppop's creativity came in useful for the party. They made a long painted train track and two railroad crossing signs. I love them and I wouldn't have felt right taking credit for all the cuteness.

Lauren reminds me so much of Maryn. Quiet, smart and girly:)

My rate of return on effort spent preparing for these parties increases each year. I guess I get a high when I see them all so happy. I have vivid memories of my birthday parties and how special my parents made me feel. We lather these children in love and praise every day but to sing their name with friends and have cake on a platter made special for them is something that makes memories. That's my job, right, to facilitate the making of memories. You would think that I jipped the kids by using two for the price of one mentality. But, do believe Maryn's favorite part about her party was that she got to share it with Benham. For the months leading up to the party, she would tell anyone who would listen that she was having "a train party WITH BENHAM". The 'with Benham' was always yelled in a two year old excitement octave. 

Alison and Maryn took Kindermusik together when they were only 9 months old!

Fun for all ages!

Love from Auntie Heidi...who by the way, just got ENGAGED!! Yeah!!
Conductor Ben

Even Great Grandma enjoyed a ride!
The men had their own car

I don't think Maryn has ever had popcorn. Crazy, I know. I've always been paranoid about the choking factor. Well, now she's obsessed!
Her dancing friend, Lily. Or, 'Wiwy'.
It was a hit!
Cole lovin' some popcorn

I made these little railroad stoplight fruit/cheese skewers, they turned out so stinkin cute! 

This was round two for Benham. 

He quickly remembered this game from the week before.
His poop was blue the next day.
And this is exactly how he rolls. He's quick.

Doting Poppop's!
Ben took his first steps the day after his birthday, Easter morning. He can take about 10 steps now but prefers crawling. He's getting really big and he's got to get off my hip! My back is literally starting to hurt! He knows he can do it and doesn't care that he's supposed to. Sort of like when he was breech. He knew he had to turn and I'm sure he knew how to, he just decided that he'd rather do it his way. We'll see how this attitude measures out when he's in high school. 

Uncle Tim transformed an old trunk into a princess closet for Maryn! It is so cool, complete with gold hangers and boxes for her princess shoes. 
Birthday pedicure

We couldn't get Ashton off. She was doing tricks and riding side saddle!

Her best bud, Abby. She recently informed us that Abby's daddy calls her Abigail and Abster and that she's going to call her Abs. Nicknames are terms of endearment.

He wasn't quite sure of his second cousin sharing his Poppop's lap. 
What good party doesn't end with a little naked Sit n Spin? And yes, that's a modesty patch.
Grandma and Poppop got the kids new bikes and it only took Maryn two days to nail it! We were so proud of her. She was riding so fast that I actually had to run to keep up. Then one day, she took a turn far too quickly, scraped her knees and is now much more reserved. 
He's already trying to pedal.

Good byes are hard, Alexis!

Donuts the size of your head to kick off birthday party day with her second cousin, Christian!
And more celebration's at school!
Grandma and Benham joined me for Maryn's special birthday party. Note that he's making Grandma work for her cupcake!

Her teachers, Ms. Sheena and Ms. Louisa have made her first year of school a very special and personal one! Thank you girls! We'll miss you next year!