Friday, February 25, 2011

Raise the Roof

I have finally joined the rest of the world and got myself a smart phone. I'm usually 10 steps behind everyone else when it comes to electronics because I'm usually content with what I have. Why would I need internet and access to my email on my phone? Why would I need a larger megapixal camera or camcorder? Why would I need Skype on my phone? Why would I need GPS? Are you kidding me???? This phone is fantastic and now I'm not sure how I survived without it! Now I can give the play by play of my labor on Facebook..."3 centimeters...epidural in-I see heaven(that's if he gets himself in order and flips!)...10 centimeters...I'm's out" just kidding. Some people need a Facebook Intervention.
So, here's the first picture taken on the new phone and as you can see, Maryn is 'raising the roof' to the fact that her mother has now joined the 21st century.

And I'm raising more than just the roof.
This *thing* is getting big. I was in Chicago this past weekend for my best friend from high schools baby shower (she's due a week after me:) ) and I swear my belly sprouted overnight on Saturday. At the airport on Monday, a man looked directly at my belly and laughed. Apparently his wife has never been pregnant or he would have known better.

Nanny and Poppop know just the way to Mimi's heart...Mickey Mouse and candy in one! They really set me up on this one...try taking a Mickey Mouse shaped sucker away from a 22 month old! I had to dig deep into my repertoire of parenting to avoid serious injury to my daughter when the thrashing and hysterics began.
Mimi adores anything Mickey Mouse and can even spell his name.
An ENTIRE mouse ear
She gets the golden sticker for potty training!! Most days she is dry. It's a team effort. Sometimes she asks to go and sometimes we tell her to go. She usually has to check out each new public restroom whether she's got to 'go' or not. She's timed it perfectly in the grocery store...always saying 'I pee pee' when we are in the absolute OPPOSITE corner of the store. And we went 'pee pee' three times at Target the other day. I'm actually cool right now with all of these bathroom trips because wee man is sitting on my bladder and I can barely hold my swallowed saliva long enough between sudden urges but I keep imagining this circus in 2 months when I have a newborn strapped comfortably in his car seat and sissy here needs to check out the paint color in every public restroom we pass. We have not yet reached the point of bribery. No stickers, no tiny M & M's needed. Just a lot of clapping, dancing and singing. Oh, and hand washing.
Her *collection*
Grandma came to visit last weekend while I was away and I think she got tired of putting M's diaper on and off. A bag of pink Pull-Up's were purchased. They really do make life much easier. Grandmas always know best!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Because Valentine's Day is about

pure unadulterated naked LOVE

and indulgence. My valentine made these cupcakes for me while I worked yesterday and I have convinced myself that at each sitting, I will eat one for myself and one for my son.
It's also about crafting the perfect valentine

Squeeze the ones you love today!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Three Step Process

First, place Lovey on one folded corner of blanket
Second, simply roll Lovey in blanket
Third, pat Lovey, give her kisses and tell her it's time for a snoozer.
Mimi has instinctual mommy qualities and is bound to be the best big sister EVER!! I had her girly blankets put aside to place in storage since Mac has put his foot down and demanded that his son not be swaddled in pink flowers, and M snatched them right up. All 15 of her baby dolls have been appropriately swaddled and rocked.
And this guy some how ended up getting swaddled and placed in his bassinet too. He'll do anything for attention these days. He can sense the impending neglect that is about to occur in 2 months.
Mimi's been on a daddy 'kick' lately. She wakes up every morning saying "I want daddy". Does my heart cringe a little at her oppositional stance against mommy? Maybe a little, but it is so damn cute that it makes me smile. You see, daddy is an early riser so he usually gets Maryn up on the weekends and I get to sleep an extra 30 minutes. Daddy also can not function until he has eaten his bowl of cereal. Not function meaning, he can't even feed his daughter before he eats, so Mimi gets her milk and gets to lounge in front of the t.v. and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while Daddy feeds his addiction. Daddy then drags her highchair into the family room so she can simultaneously watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eat her breakfast. No wonder she asks for daddy before she even exits the crib!
I mean...daddy's are really FUNNY!!
And Mimi is a lucky girl whose daddy's job allows plenty of quality time with his baby:) And that is fun for mommy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Shake Your Groove Thang

Luckily I had the video camera charging in my bedroom. Her white noise machine has a radio button, which she discovered months ago and often I'll find her jammin' ALONE in her room. Excuse the mess, we are in the process of changing window treatments and light fixtures for baby Ben to move in. Mimi is napping in her big girl bed in her big girl room but still sleeping in the crib at night. Sister needs to move on down the hall so I can paint the nursery! Too much to do and we seem to only find time to DANCE!

Friday, February 4, 2011

28 weeks and a Fender Bender

Don't ask why we're posing with these frogs.

First pony ride at the world's largest Oyster Festival.
There's a horse barn down the rode from us...we may have to convince daddy to start investing in this expensive hobby. I used to go to horse camp when I was younger and my dad would take me to the horse races...always betting on the grey horse! They are so much work but have always been a secret dream of mine to own one.

Chillin' with Baxton
and Auntie Heidi
My belly sort of blends in with the curtains but you get the idea. It's rare that this thing ever camouflages itself. And just when I thought my plate was full, I get another serving...someone rear ended me on Highway 17! Luckily they slammed on their brakes prior to hitting me so that helped with the impact and my airbags didn't deploy and Maryn, Benham and I were safely strapped in. I drive an army tank and only had minor scratches and a bent hitch but the guy who hit me immobilized his truck. If you're car shopping and safety is your number one concern...GMC Yukon! I'm just annoyed that I have to deal with insurance company's and auto repair. I'm tired.