Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maryn WAS 10 weeks old...

LAST Wednesday!!!! She has had a very busy week and mommy is just now posting her 10 week pictures. I think I've come to accept that it's now time to count her age in months instead of weeks. It's a sad realization but exciting at the same time. She is growing like a weed, changing every day right before our eyes...I want to hold onto these days because I know that they will soon pass and I will miss when she wanted to be held all the time. In the past week, she has really 'found' her hands and is constantly putting them into her mouth. She's definately going to be a finger/thumb sucker...we have ultrasound pictures of her sucking her thumb when she was only a 14 week old fetus!
This past week has been a busy one and Maryn finally got to meet her aunties, great Aunt Sarah, great grandparents, Uncle Phil, Uncle Shawn and many new friends. She was baptized on Saturday and then we had a big party at our house to celebrate! She might have taken one nap in her crib all week...no one wanted to put her down and she was in baby heaven! And then yesterday, she got her 2 month vaccinations. Ugh...I hated it but she did really well...cried for a couple minutes and then acted like nothing happened! She even went for her first swim in the pool that afternoon. She weighed 11 lb 14 oz (75%-which I find hard to believe because she is so tiny), is 22.5 inches (50%) and her little head was 37 cm (10%)....still small but better than the 5% that it was last visit! I still need to post pics from our week long vacation to PA and NY and then I will tackle the 300+ pictures that her auntie Marita helped to take during her baptism and party! I have 7 very close friends from college that I consider aunts to Maryn since she doesn't have any blood aunts (Mac and I both have two unmarried brothers) and 6 of them were able to travel from San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Birmingham, Cleveland, & Boston to be here to witness Maryn's baptism and it meant the world to Mac and I. I love you ladies...you're the sisters I never had!
Maryn Amelia...10 weeks old (last week :) )
Just look at those big round blue eyes, the chubby rosey cheeks and button nose! I call her Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas! Just google her and you'll see what I mean!
Thank you Auntie Raz for the beautiful outfit...it's size 3-6 months (just a little big on her) but still so adorable!
Straight chill'n
Right before she fell flat on her face!

Auntie Raz and Auntie Jaclyn!

Smoochies for Maryn....she was covered in them this week!

Raz is pregnant and due on Halloween!!!! We're wearing orange in honor of her little babe! She's going to torture us and not find out what she's having!

It's so surreal to see your close friends holding your daughter and loving her unconditionally

It was too bright outside...she could barely open her eyes

Mr. Bode taking a break on our walk

Mac's aunt Sarah came to town for the baptism and we all took a walk...well...Bode took Jaclyn for a run!

Then we went out to dinner for Auntie Heidi's birthday and had white sangria for the first time, yum-o !!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy 1st Fathers Day, Mac daddy!!!

I wish Maryn and I planned a special day for Mac but instead he spent a lot of it building our deck!! He's the best! Maryn & I are two lucky gals. He did get a fancy new grill though :)

Bode's favorite game is to go around and collect all the scrap wood, chew it, swallow it, then throw it up! Needless to say...I never sit down!

He loves his little girl!

So since Maryn has crazy head control...she tried out her Bumbo seat! Thanks Kristina and Sydney....she loves it! She's still too little but she did great in it!

She even watched daddy building the deck

Poppops first fathers day as a grandpa

She wore her fishie dress in honor of the men in her life

This was Mac and I's first night out...away from baby! My parents babysat while we went to our friends wedding

Look at that bum! So sweet

George came to town for the wedding too

She did great while we were gone except that it took my parents 30 minutes to get her to take the bottle! She finally gave in when she realized she HAD to eat!

Thank you mom and dad!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Miss Photogenic...

...and the award goes to...Maryn Amelia!!!
Here are just 'a couple' (ah hem) outtakes from Maryn's photo shoot at 7 weeks. I have to give props to Jennifer Tilley for doing such an amazing job photographing my daughter. She was so patient with Maryn and waited for the most perfect shot! Jennifer was flexible (you sort of have to be when you photograph newborns) and she made the whole process so easy for a new mommy! She's based out of Charlotte but does work in the Charleston area as well JenniferTilleyPhotography.com
I just wish she could capture the magic every month...she has changed so much in just 9.5 weeks!

"No more monkeys jump'n on the bed!" "Who, me??"
Precious little peanut

Her 'weekly growth' chair

"Are you my mommy?"

"Why yes I am baby girl"

Playing in mommy's wedding veil

My baby blue eyes

Just chill'n with the gang

Jennifer made the best of circumstances like this :)

Warning: Don't try this at home

Snug as a bug in a rug

Found my hands

She had some business to take care of in the office

They don't stay this tiny for long...