Thursday, September 23, 2010

Point O' Woods 2010

We spent a week in August at our favorite place on Earth, Point O' Woods! Not only is it our favorite place, but it's Bode's little cars, no leashes, just freedom and beaches! We brought with us a pretty nasty storm that lasted about 3 days but we found ways to spend our time. It was colder than we expected so we did some shopping for warmer clothes at the local shops, splashed in puddles and watched the waves come in.

Maryn did the grocery shopping at the little market
And weathered the....
Check out the whopping mosquito bite she got on her forehead! She actually has to sleep with a net over her crib.
Great grandma and Poppop with Bode Boy

They were lining the dunes with sand bags because over the last several months the dunes have been slowly disappearing . A week after we left, Hurricane Earl passed by Long Island...thankfully the sand bags were already in place.
Wearing Uncle Tim's necklace and telling the ladies that call him to lay off her man!

Rainy day play

Bode wouldn't leave his sissy's side. He was always right next to her, making sure she was safe.
She touched this fish but would have been scared of the eel that Uncle Nick caught!

If you look close, you can see all of the wagons lined up. This is where residents park their wagons so they can pull their luggage to their house when they hop off the ferry. No cars, no golf carts, just bikes and your's pretty amazing!

She loved running down the boardwalk but there is a little drop down to the brush...we spent a lot of time like this, chasing after her before she fell!

Bode is her bestest friend...and he so tries to play it off like he doesn't care but check out that boys smile...he loves her to death!

I'm telling you, he wouldn't leave her side.

Bode is OBSESSED with fishing! He would stand on the bulkhead like this for HOURS while we fished! HOURS! He kept his eye on the bobbers and never flinched. His behavior about fishing was definitely OCD!

He took his job very seriously...never looking away.

Poppop built her a sand boat
Her man, Uncle Tim
Look at the family resemblance with these three!

Mac and I rode our bikes to the next town over and got to have dinner out, just the two of us. Had a great dinner, watched the sunset and ate some ice cream:)

Great Grandma Johnson making Maryn laugh
The whole gang went to dinner one night.

Sometimes I look at her and can't believe that God gave me such a beautiful little creature to love more than I knew I possibly could!

Great Aunt Sarah teaching Maryn how to ride a two wheeler
The basket works too!
She was playing fetch with him

I didn't realize how cold it was going to be those first couple of days so Maryn and I got matching Point O' Woods sweatshirts. How Laura Ashley of us.

bed head

By Wednesday the weather cleared up and we hit the beach, building sand castles,

blowing bubbles,
and watching daddy work hard!
Uncle Tim
Hugs for Grandma

We couldn't keep her out of the water, we had to take turns babysitting.

The water is much different up north, the waves are bigger and the riptide is very strong! It could take you under in very shallow water so we had to be extremely cautious with our water baby who has no fear!

Then we decided to hit the bay side to get a break from the rough water.

View of the Great South Bay from the front porch...what's more relaxing than this?

This is how we ended each evening

With the grandbabies

We'll see you next year POW!