Saturday, December 28, 2013

Miller is 1 & 2 weeks old!

And so our pictures in the Big White Chair commence. Miller looks so much like Maryn when she was a newborn, minus half the amount of hair.  They have similar demeanors with the same sleep habits. Sleepy little newborns that require me to set the alarm in the middle of the night to feed every three hours. Things are moving along smoothly and she seems to fit into our family seamlessly. Maryn is smitten and willingly wants to participate in taking care of her. She will run and get us diapers and burp clothes and is the first to let me know if Benham is attempting to touch her without first applying hand sanitizer. She is such a tiny thing, swimming in her newborn clothes. I've always wanted a tiny baby. 

Lots of mornings hanging in mom and dad's bed while Miller eats. Then it's rush rush rush to get every little body fed, dressed, teeth/hair brushed, lunches made and out the door by 8:40 for school. If I'm lucky, I get enough time for a piece of toast and if I'm super lucky, I get a cup of coffee that usually requires reheating in the microwave about 2-3 times. 

And of course, she was born during the busiest time of year. Tree hunting, decorating, baking, shopping, gift wrapping....

Paci holder

More alert time this week...

but still sooo sleepy!

Newborns are easy for me, it's juggling the 2 and 4 year old that make things a challenge. He has an uncanny ability to have to poop two minutes after I start breastfeeding Miller. All the time.

Oh Millie, you are an angel!

Christmas parade! 

Having had two April babies, it's fun to have my little snuggled newborn. Our blood has thinned and this 50 degree weather felt like single digits.

He couldn't be sweeter.

Again, such a busy time of year. Trying to recover from a c section yet not miss out on all the fun.
Parent observation day at dance..

School Christmas parties...

Christmas parties at great grandma's... 

Dressing Miller in her fascinator...

Hanging stockings...

And trimming the tree...

Momma needs a break.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Let me introduce Miller Louise

I have a real love of family names. Maryn's name is the combination of both our grandmother's names; Mary and Marian. Benham's name is Mac's great grandmother's maiden name and his mom's middle name. We just couldn't leave out our sweet #3.
Miller Louise 
or Millie as she's often called is derived from a combination of names in the same way that her older sister's name was derived. My grandmother's maiden name is Millek and my maiden name is Loeper, so combined we have Miller. Louise is my mom's middle name. And to us, it fits her beautifully.
She was due December 7 but in her efforts to be just like her older sister, she decided to arrive at 37 weeks and 6 days. The perfect gestation in my eyes:) 
Meet sweet baby Miller.
6 lb 9 oz.
19 in.
November 22, 2013 at 2:02 pm
(my lucky number is 22)

The most curious little swirl of hair on the top of her head. She might be fighting that cowlick her entire life.

Just pinch me...these three beauties belong to me.

He's pretty cute too.

Adding another day to the other three greatest days of my life...7/1/2006, 4/15/2009, 4/7/2011 and 11/22/2013. My mom some how realized that when you add Maryn and Benham's birth dates, you get 22...the lucky number.

Their first glance.

I witnessed an instant bond between these two girls. Pure joy oozed out of Maryn from the moment she laid eyes on Miller. It is something so special and makes my heart skip a beat.

 Can't stop doing this.

Great Grandma!

Her going home outfit that I wore home from the hospital 34 years ago and that Maryn wore too.

Proud of her welcome home sign.

The first bath. I wouldn't say that this is the highlight of her day. 

A little post bath fuzz ball.

First Dr.'s visit, 4 days old.
 6 lb. 15 oz., surpassing her birth weight.

Preschool Thanksgiving parade! 
Miller was 4 days old but I just couldn't miss my little Indians!

I sort of claimed this spot on the couch for 4 weeks and no one dared to sit in it.

Her little mini me.

And of course, Nanny is smitten once more.

Aunt Kathie moved to Beaufort and we are thrilled to spend so much more time with her! She's a hoot!

Two weeks early just so she wouldn't miss the turkey!

He has surprised us all and really is so tender with her.

Forever her protector.