Saturday, November 27, 2010

18.5 weeks

We've been feeling a little blue...

There is a violent stomach bug making its' rounds through Charleston this month. It's so contagious that you basically only have to look at the infected person and you're throwing up 24 hours later! I had to leave work during night shift only to get home with 3 minutes to spare before I was face to face with the porcelain god. Let me just say that I haven't thrown up in 10 21st birthday. Sweet baby Maryn woke up from her nap the next afternoon... throwing up in her crib:( Parenting is not for the weak of heart, or rather...weak of stomach. Not only do I currently have the sense of smell of a trained hound dog, but the gag reflex of a pregnant woman...a pregnant woman with a stomach virus:( That afternoon was not fun but we survived. Mare and I were feeling rather BLUE that week but we managed to share the BLUE with daddy in a different way...

Baby BROTHER is on his way and daddy hasn't stopped smiling since we shared the news with him!! I found out at work after sneaking an ultrasound:)

The grandparents are thrilled and are excited to see whether this baby will behave as well as M, despite the Y chromosome!

She's been hyped up on blue icing for the last week.
This is about as naughty as she gets. But I couldn't be upset that she was pulling on the curtains because that's a paper towel in her hand...she was cleaning my windows! I love having a daughter and I'm a little nervy about what this little boy is going to bring to the table. He's been kicking me since he was 15 weeks and the doctor mentioned that he's got really long femur bones!! I suppose he'll have Mac's height but that only means he'll tower over me in no time...I'm going to lose all my authority!
M got a taste of what a little brother will be like when we babysat Cole. She LOVED him and was so gentle and caring. Her touch is loving, her voice softens and she HAD to hold the bottle for him. He loved her too...sat in the bouncy seat and watched her every move with a smile on his face. Oh, I can't wait..

...until he did this to me and then I decided I could wait just a couple more months. BOYS!!
And speaking of naughty, this boy is not allowed on the couch. I think he thought he was camouflaged.
Ella's birthday party
Her first face painting
The adorable dress that Grandma and Poppop brought back from their trip to England.
We spent Thanksgiving morning at the park

Wearing Grandma's glasses just like she does
And digging her paws into Poppop's pecan pie
Post Thanksgiving dinner:)
We have more blessings than we can count and are most thankful for our beautiful daughter who has enlightened our lives in a way we never thought possible. We our thankful that our son will have a strong and caring big sister to look up to and that our children will grow up knowing their grandparents love them unconditionally. We are Thankful!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Howdy Halloween Y'all !!!

We had a howdy Halloween weekend...enjoyed the beach, paraded in our costume at the neighborhood party, rode a horse, ate lots o' candy and made memories with friends.
Check out the resemblance between Big Mac (4 yrs) and Junior Mac (18 mo.) in their cowboy/girl gear! The tiny little mouth with rose petal lips give him away:) Bless his mom for emailing this photo to me:)

Saddle up
Daddy and Uncle Nick did a great job carving our pumpkins

Don't feel sorry for this dog, he lives for this stuff
Even cousin Dom got in on the action
Bri and Baxton the monkey came to trick or treat with us
As well as Lauren and Ashton.
Each of these girls are 6 months apart in age from the next...
Lauren 6 mo., Ashton 1 yr., Maryn 18 mo.
Check out Lauren eying Ashton's candy

Maryn LOVED picking out the candy from the bowls, she took it so seriously and concentrated on choosing the most perfect piece...or two.

Lauren the ladybug
Ashton the octopus
Maryn and her friend Lily, I mean Dorothy
She wasn't impressed with her prize for winning the costume contest:)
I mentioned her obsession with fire trucks so when this arrived at the party, she freaked!

I'll admit it, I was excited for her. I can't describe the feeling, as a mother, when you witness pure joy in your child's face...even if it's only a fire truck.

This little boy was so sweet to Maryn, he'd always help her up when she fell

Tickling our toes in the cold Atlantic water

Only sometimes is she a witch:)

Seriously, don't feel bad.

She's talking a lot but it really confuses me sometimes when she can't or won't say the most simple words but repeats the three syllable word 'halloween' the first time I ask her....and she can't say Tim to save her life...go figure. (pause music at bottom)