Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benham is 9 months old!

Nine months in, 9 months out, Buddy! Well, not exactly. More like 8 months and 1 week in, 9 months out! Three cheers for cutting that whole process short!
20 lb 7 oz.  50th percentile
28 1/4 in.  50th percentile
head circumference 45.5 cm
I absolutely adore this age! They are able to be educated, ie. "soooo BIG" and waving bye bye. They start to babble sounds that actually represent words. Stranger anxiety/shyness sets in and bloats a mama's ego realizing that her baby actually really does love her.  He puts his head down, smiles and bats his lashes at strangers. The variety of table foods offered increases and they become mobile! Just last night, Benham started crawling. More like a chest to ground army crawl but he can actually cover some distance. A slow start to this milestone but then again, I think Maryn only crawled for a month before she started walking. I have enjoyed the extended pleasure of being able to leave him in a room while I go fold laundry and return to find him happy as a clam where I left him.  And last week, he learned to put himself into a sitting position from his belly. He started walking behind his little wagon a couple weeks ago and now that's all he wants to do. Loves avocado, tofu, green beans and chicken. Says bye-bye often, dada every once in awhile and mama maybe three times so far.  His fuzzy hair spreads joy to all!
 Go ahead, prick your finger with that straight pin...don't say I never told you to behave.

 These two are always up to no good!  

Meeting new friends. 
He's not around babies often and wasn't sure if Lane was real.
We started Kindermusik last week and the combination of loud musical instruments and children his age is right up his alley.  
This Haba walker is the best and even allows Maryn to push him! If you're in the market for a good solid walker that won't tip and has some controlled resistance of the wheels this is the walker! 
 Most of the time she can't get enough of him, but the other day she told us how she really felt. Benham was being fussy and she looked at him and very matter-of-factly said, "Benham, you always do this, you're so obnoxious". Hmm. I didn't interject because a: she used the phrase appropriately in context and b: she was right.
 Just checking his stocks and status updates on Facebook.

9 months is also a big deal because in our house, we learn to get rid of bottles. I start sippy cups at 5-6 months and basically its a trial and error stage to find the brand that they do well with. By the time they're 10 months, bottles are packed up and they breastfeed morning and night and get two sippy cups of formula/breastmilk during the day. I have always felt that the window between 10-12 months is crucial for preventing long term habits like bottle and pacifier addiction. Once they hit that year mark, they know what they want and it only gets more difficult to break it. Granted, getting rid of bottles in a breastfed baby is probably a lot easier than an exclusive bottle fed baby but it's all about taking the initiative as the parent and making the decision. I remember seeing pictures of Suri Cruise in magazines when she was 4 years old, carrying a bottle! That's just weird and really bad for their teeth. We all have our quirks and that's one of mine. This was last month and the early stages of sippy boot camp *note the humongous smile and the sense of independence on this child's face*. 

 I have such big dreams for this little girl.

 I would totally marry this guy.  According to Maryn, that sort of thing is acceptable.  She asked her daddy at the dinner table last week if he would marry her. He of course accepted the proposal and left me in the dust. She kisses him "like Jasmine and Aladdin do"...tilts her head, places her hands on his face and holds the kiss for a good 10 seconds. Today, she told me that "when I'm Jasmine's age I can kiss a boy"! If Jasmine is 25 then she's correct.

 Another end to another beautiful day in this place we call home.
Little Man walking with his new wagon that Poppop Loeps got him. I think Maryn was a couple weeks younger than Ben when she started doing this but it still just looks so silly to see such a mini person walking! Such joy! The pride oozes from his fat roles. (please excuse the lack of cabinet doors. we are in the process of refinishing them and by 'we', I mean Mac:) )

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Cummings Christmas 2011

Oh man, Blogger updated itself and grew its own brain and decided to insert my pictures wherever it chose fit. I am definitely not smarter than the blogosphere. Have no fear, Christmas is here! Mac said I'm crazy for staying up until midnight editing and downloading pictures but he's got to understand that my inability to get out of bed the next morning from pure exhaustion will totally pay off in like 30 years. Oh, and the fact that I've  exchanged vacuuming the giant tumbleweeds of Bode hair to blog is also something that I promised him would pay off in the long run. Just hang in there with me, honey! I promise I'll vacuum when Benham learns to crawl. I mean, the kid is walking but can't figure out crawling 101. He walks around the house pushing his walker but you lay him on the ground and he spins around like a greased dreidel. 
Hope your holidays were as bright and warm as ours!

These two rock my world! And if I had a million dollars I would totally have a litter of 'um!

Baby Jesus and Mary(n)
Stylin' and Profilin' in his tie and tweed pants

Deja vu 
Christmas 2011

Christmas 2009

At the time, he wasn't sure of Aunt Sue's gift, but now it's a fun keep away game with Bode
Mimi's princess hair accessories ended up in Grandma and Great Grandma's hair

Way too early Christmas morning
Don't you dare come down until mommy makes her cup of coffee!

 I had my eye on this really cute and subtle dollhouse for Maryn but all she wanted for Christmas was a castle! I have tried really hard to keep my home from being vomited on in the color pink, but her joy in this 3ft tall pink and purple monstrosity is worth the eye sore! We didn't hear a peep from her all afternoon and if you approached her castle, she would very politely lift her hand to your face and tell you to "please leave me alone".

 "Mom, you are seriously torturing this kid"

 Nanny got a wine fridge!!

 Maryn sat on Santa's lap and after she asked for her castle, she asked for a closet. A closet. Santa looked at me and asked "did she just ask for a closet?". That was a new one but Grandma and Poppop made her every wish come true!

And the only thing that Poppop asked Santa for was a remote controlled boat for his pool! Santa really came through this year.


 It's not all pink in our house, this girl loves trains too.

 Festival of Lights

 Nanny turned another year young!

 And we've trained another child to behave really really well in nice restaurants. 
My heart doubled in size this year and my arms are covered in bruises from pinching myself. We all have our own dreams. 
These four are mine.