Monday, March 17, 2008

My Little Leprechaun

An adorable, irresistible leprechaun stopped by our house today....

bringing good luck for the coming year.....

and a pot 'o gold....(or was that our tax return?)
Unfortunately for this leprechaun, the hat messed up his golden locks.

Hope you all enjoyed your St. Patrick's day

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The "Maiden Voyage"

My parents finally got the boat they have been dreaming about for years and we took her out on Saturday for her "Maiden Voyage". The weather was perfect and Bayley was all geared up and ready to go! The ocean is his favorite place on earth....hands down!
Mac wishing the boat was his
My dad (poppop) in his heaven
My mom (grandma) and Bayley
Yes, Mr. Coastguard.....everybody on board has a life jacket!
Here fishy fishy......

This dog makes my life meaningful

We all toasted to the new boat

My buddy

Loving life

Captain Bayley, "I'm suppose to drive over those sand bars, right?"

The wind in his hair

We all had an amazing weekend and look forward to many more trips on poppop's boat! Thanks Mom and Dad