Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Miller is 8, 9, 10, and 11 weeks old!

I am soaking up every minute with this mini Maryn and trying so hard to slow down my pace to just sit and stare at her. Sit. And. Stare. She is such a little beauty. At 8 weeks, she was perfecting her tummy time chest lift and even rolled over for the first time. She kept rolling over again and again, she loved the startle of it.

The Crew. 
Celebrating Avery's first birthday before the Commodore's move to Atlanta. I am already crying.

Sweet Mills at 8 weeks wearing the same dress her big sister wore at 8 weeks. Thanks Auntie Brit!

If you can look past Maryn's hair, the resemblance is uncanny. Just look at their tiny feet with their tiny little toes pointing outward. Oh how I adore these little girls of mine.

She's such a smiley baby but wouldn't crack one for me during our shoot.

Maryn and Benham call her Missy Missy Blue Eyes. My momma's nickname for me when I was little. My blue eyes turned green.

One must love themselves in order to love others.

One of our January walks collecting magnolia leaves.

And like the rest of our children, Miller sucked down her first bottle from daddy without any qualms.

Miller Louise
9 weeks old
11lb 6 oz. 70th percentile
22 in. 40th percentile
head circumference 37.5 cm   40th percentile

Maryn never wore these fancy fascinators since she had hair and could sport the good old fashioned clip on bows. Millsie likes 'um.

Yet another common denominator with her sister. Loves to stand! If she's crying, let her stand. If she's whiney, let her stand. If she's happy, let her stand.

And this is what a blizzard in Charleston looks like. Shut this town down for three days. THREE. DAYS. 

THREE. DAYS y'all!! Bridges were shut down and people were stuck downtown because there was no way back to our town. 

Daddy and the kids got a snow day so we enjoyed the flurries and ice.


This Serena and Lily sling is still saving our lives after three kids. It literally gives me two more arms. Car seats no longer fit on top of shopping carts and it's so dangerous if they do. So, this is how we stroll the aisles of the grocery. She's happy to hear my heart beat and I'm happy that she's still small enough to stuff in a sling.

I was hesitant to share this picture because whether you want to or not, it may force you to produce a sibling for your child. I mean, come on.

And then there's my Bubba. Oh how I love this little boy. He thrives when it's just me and him. He loves the attention. Always so excited. So happy. So loving. He's charismatic and attracts attention. Maybe it's a combination of his 'styled' hair, his tall stature and sweet smile. People love him. 
Please stay my thumb sucking two year old forever. 

I need to hide the bank statements from Mac. I discovered that Matilda Jane comes in wee little lady sizes. A troubled addiction of mine.

At 10 weeks, Millie is conversing in coo, laughing real laughs when I fake sneeze, sleeping an average of 8 hours at night and enjoys batting her toys hanging from the play mat.

She also found her hand this week.

I'm brave enough to venture out with all three from time to time. They are actually better behaved in public than behind our closed doors. And so am I. I yell way less when people are listening.

These two need to stop all this cuteness. My heart is about to explode!

We are knee deep in Frozen mania. We listen to the songs on my phone, on the t.v., on the ipad, on the computer. It's madness. We've seen it twice, including the sing along version. I treated these two to another viewing and they stuffed their faces with popcorn and Reece's Pieces.  

Meanwhile, Benham was busying feeding Maryn's baby doll from his belly button.

We've been busy busy busy in the Cummings house. All three kiddos hit milestones this month. Maryn learned to ride a two wheeled bike WITHOUT training wheels...

Benham learned to ride a two wheeled bike WITH training wheels...

And Miller rolled over.

 He purposefully tries to ride off the path so he'll fall off. Boys are nuts.

Is he for real? He loves her so much. 

We started a little Bumbo action this week and she does great. Our babies have little heads which make it easier to hold them up.

Sweet Millsie 11 weeks.
Of all my babies, she has been the easiest to nap train. I remember pacing the hallways with swaddled Maryn trying to get her to fall asleep and then tip toeing her back to her crib to nap for 20 min. This girl has it down. Swaddle, noise maker, mobile, done. Asleep within 3 min. And she naps for a good one to two hours. 

Angel Baby

I wish I would have discovered this Puj tub 5 years ago. It has saved my back and was a godsend when I was recovering from the c section. No big plastic tub to fill and lift and no bending over.


Our sweet friend and neighbor, Ashton, is moving to Atlanta and we all want to cry! These girls are such great buddies and it breaks my heart that we won't have our Saturday morning play dates anymore. We'll miss you, Commodores!