Thursday, April 30, 2009

D Day

So today was my official due date....thank you Jesus that she arrived 2 weeks early because I was done. Done with the shortness of breath, done with the inability to tie my shoes, done with the swollen ankles and feet, done with the heartburn, done with the fatigue, and done with the obstacles of trying to shave my legs in the shower!!! I'm not sure why God had to make pregnancy 40 weeks because clearly....37 weeks and 6 days gestation is perfection :) Don't get me wrong...I loved being pregnant...I had always dreamed about it as a little girl and feel blessed that I was able to get pregnant and blessed that my pregnancy went very well without complications. But I was just done...all good things must come to an end and this ending was like a fairytale!
Daddy catching some snuggle time with Maryn....she looks just like him :)

Maryn's 2 week photo shoot

Some of her hair is starting to thin out...she's changed so much in just 2 weeks

I know its cruel but I love taking pictures of her crying...she is just so darn cute when she cries..the bottom lip quivers

Bode eyeing up his little sister during tummy time...he has done so well with her. He runs to save her when she sneezes and every once in awhile...he'll steal a kiss...usually of her toes

Umm....I love baby toes

I'm happy to see my D Day come and go while holding my precious daughter safely in my arms.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Maryn's first week

Maryn's first week has just flown by and I'm just now getting the chance to post pics from her excursions! I'm going to try really hard to remember to take a picture of her in her white glider once a week until she's a month old and then monthly so that we can see how much she grows and changes. I'm sure she's going to lose some of her hair as the weeks progress...she's got more than's crazy!!
Here's her picture at 1 week....just an itty bitty
She's just going to have to get use to the torture...she's so cute it's hard to resist
I love her soooo much so it makes up for it:)

We're gonna be best buds

As much as I want her to grow hear her say mommy and daddy and to smile and laugh at us....I can't help but to secretly want her to stay pocket size. She is so itty bitty and absolutely perfect!

Her favorite spot....loung'n on mom and dads chest on the sofa

My first glass of wine in 9 months....sweet to the lips!

Auntie Kristen, Maryn's godmother, has spoiled her yet again. She got her this beautiful sling so that I can carry my itty bitty with me everywhere! Maryn just loves it and I actually had my eye on this EXACT sling...mommy's spoiled too:)

Catch'n some zzzzz's while Maryn sleeps too

Uncle Tim holding Maryn for the first time....he asked to sit on the couch for it.

Grandma Cummings and Grandma Loeper taking Maryn for a walk. She loves her stroller and falls asleep instantly the second she gets in it! Thank heaven because Bode and I go for multiple walks a day.

Grandma Cummings came for a quick visit because she just couldn't stand it any longer. They had plans to go to Ireland and she needed to see her first grandchild before they left!

Instant, unconditional LOVE!

On her way back to the airport....and one last snuggle before the next visit...oh how she'll change in just a couple weeks

Nanny Loeper stealing some kisses from her Mare Bear

Nanny and Poppop Loeper

That's got to be the coolest feeling...holding your grandchild. I pray that some day it'll be Mac and I.

Maryn's first bath....she was not amused

Her beautiful bath towel from Kristi...thank soft and snugglie

Still not impressed

Looking to me for only one thing these days......milk!! i swear she can smell me a mile away.

Pouty lips

We look so mean...smiling at her expense!

My goal this week is to get more pictures of Mac and Maryn. We miss him when he's at work but I am so thankful for the opportunity that he's giving me to stay home with her for these 12 weeks.

Maryn and I drinking some microbrew...yummy! She got a taste about 3 hours later ;)

Her first trip to Bed Bath and Beyond

And of course, her first of many trips to Target!!! This girl goes through so many diapers! I'm gonna start potty training at 6 months!

Check out the double chin!!! We went to the doctor for her 1 week check up and she was already back to her birth weight!!!! She had gained 8 ounces in 5 days!!!

Look at those cheeks!

Yes....that is a bow in her hair. I'm telling's too hard to resist!

Bless this sweet little babe of mine

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our little Maryn has arrived!!

Maryn Amelia Cummings
April 15, 2009
6:31 pm
7 pounds
20 inches
and every bit adorable!!!
So I guess Maryn read my last blog that I posted on the 14th when I threatened her that I would put bows in her hair the moment she arrived if she didn't come soon!! She came into this world the very next day!
Mac and I have been blessed with the most beautiful little girl. She is healthy and absolutely perfect in every way. We can't take our eyes off of her. Mac has really amazed me with his natural father instincts and simply can't put her down. He helps me out in every way....changing diapers, propping her up with pillows when I'm feeding her, fills my water bottle, takes care of Bode, cancelled his soccer game to spend time with his 'girls', and tells me everyday how proud he is of me. She made her entry into this world look easy. My water broke at 5 am....I of course took a shower, put on makeup, did my hair, packed the remaining things into my suitcase and Mac even got to eat his beloved bowl of cereal that he has to eat EVERY morning:) We arrived at the hospital at 7 am....I walked the halls and sat on the exercise ball to ease my contractions and waited to the very last moment to get my epidural. Once that sucker was in and I kissed the anesthiologist, I sat back in bed...ate my popsicles, watched a little Oprah and was time to push....30 minutes later and not a drop of perspiration on my brow...little Miss Maryn arrived with ease:)
People told me that her birthday would be memorable and that the moment I saw her would be the greatest moment of my life but no one told me that it was magical. I can't even explain the rush I felt in my body when I looked at her for the first time. She is a piece of Mac and I and that is just the coolest thing ever! She is a miracle, a blessing, and a promise between my husband and I that our future is going to be amazing!
Meet our daughter....Maryn

One last picture of my belly as we walked out the door for the hospital! As uncomfortable as I was...I kind of miss that bulge!

Enjoying my popsicles during labor..sitting on the exercise ball:)

This moment was unreal!

She was crying the second she came to my ears:)

Look at those pouty lips....not happy being exposed!

7lbs even

Nanny and Poppop Loeper and Proud Papa

We can't keep our eyes off of her

Look at those cheeks

Looking at momma...wondering where the milk is?

Nanny kisses

Oh so proud:)

He's proud too....she looks just like him and that makes me smile

Baby Maryn Amelia Cummings

She has such a little head that all of her hats drown her....she ends up covered to her nose

I haven't stopped kissing her

Look at that hair!!!!! She's got a full head of brown hair...can you believe it! I'm going shopping for bows tomorrow:)

My little 'sidekick'....and shopping buddy

Auntie Heidi came to visit

Mac is always comforting her....the second she cries he's picking her up...she's got him wrapped around her little finger already.

We only stayed at the hospital for 24 hours on the dot....I convinced them to discharge us because she and I did so well and of course it didn't hurt that I am a NICU nurse and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. This was her 'going home outfit' that I actually wore home from the hospital when I was born too!!

Good thing we stopped by the firestation only 3 days before she was born to make sure the carseat was installed correctly! I didn't expect her to come 2 weeks early but I ain't complain'n!!!!

We wanted to introduce Bode to Maryn in a way that wasn't intruding onto his space so we took a walk right when we got home so he would associate her with one of his favorite worked!

Her first doctors appointment was the next day and she weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and shrunk to 18 1/4 inches....she had a little cone head at birth that added the extra inch:)

Daddy and his 'mini me' her initials M.A.C. seem appropriate

Dr. Noble giving her the seal of good health

Her first outing.....I couldn't stay home for long...this little girl is not going to slow me down or keep me locked inside.

Her first outing....East Bay deli

Poppop relaxing with his two grandchildren

Don't you just want to kiss those feet

We love every inch of this precious girl.....can life get any better?