Thursday, October 20, 2011

Benham is 6 months old!

From the moment he jumped out of me, feet first, people have made comments that he looked 'all boy'. He looked like a little old man. I think this spiffy sweater vest confirms these people's observations. He has been my reality check. Teaching me that not all baby's lick their lips clean after eating, or keep their drool to themselves, or even refrain from regurgitation. Yes, he is ALL BOY and I love every messy, gooey, slobbery, and drooly piece of him.
He plays rough and dirty. He grabs hair and laughs about it. Maryn is usually his victim. I think Bode may have found his match. He loves sitting up and being a part of the action. He jumps so hard in his jumperoo that I'm afraid he'll sling shot himself to the ceiling. He hates shopping. He can smell retail a mile away and within minutes of walking into a clothing store he begins whaling. It truly baffles me. He will be all smiles, laughing and cooing with a full belly, and I'll quickly try to capitalize on his delight by slipping in some window shopping, WRONG! I think he senses the adrenaline rush that I get when I realize that I might just get 20 minutes of retail therapy. He quickly puts a halt to it and forces me to leave the dressing room with my coveted items still hanging on the hook, never making it off the hanger. He totally wins that battle and I leave defeated...every time.
Benham Austin
6 months
17 lbs 10 oz 50th percentile
27.5 in 85th percentile
head circumference 43.5 cm 50th percentile

Oh my God, I love this child
Maryn didn't attack this sign until she was about 10 months old. He's a beast.
He does have the same hair as his sister though. At 6 months, both children looked like baby birds with light fluffy fuzz appearing to be electrified.
Poor Maryn takes the brunt of his attacks.

I celebrated my birthday with Minnie Mouse and a baby dressed in Christmas pajamas the first week of October. Apparently, Mac said they were the only clean pj's he had in his drawer. My response...well then maybe you need to do some laundry.

Some Nanny lovin'

Maryn came out of her cautious shell last month and whips around the playground like she owns it. Climbs the tallest ladders, flies down the the bumpiest slides and climbs the rock wall like a monkey. We need to strap a harness to her and head to an indoor climbing wall!
Benham Austin is finally baptized. Praise God, the child is washed of original sin. And now we prepare for the sins of his teenage hood.

The Godfather, Uncle Nick

Wearing the same gown that his sister wore. Both of their initials are monogrammed on the bottom of the gown with hopes that many more children...siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews will wear this gown on their baptisms.

I have to give Bode credit, he puts up with a lot. Benham just has mischief written all over his face in this shot and Bode's keeping a close watch on his every move.

Watch out world!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Little Ray of Mimi

Have you heard the buzz over the new breastfeeding doll that has recently hit the United States market? Of course, Europe has already been selling the doll for months. It comes with a little halter top with two flower petals that represent breasts and the doll actually makes sucking noises when placed to the flower to eat. I think it's great. But that's coming from a mom who has since been desensitized by the whole idea of breastfeeding. Why did I even have to be desensitized in the first place? That's the issue. Breastfeeding is not easy, and unfortunately here in the United States, I have to hide in my car or a fitting room to feed my baby when I'm out running those necessary errands that all moms need to run during the only two hour time frame during the week that we get to run them. It takes a lot to change culture. This was Mimi shortly after Benham was born. We're not going to buy the doll because she's content feeding Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse and her own baby doll right from the breast. Let me just tell you that I lost my *you know what* when I first saw her do this, totally unprovoked.

Mommy's little helper

She is just so sweet and innocent. Nonjudgmental, non racist, nonsexist. The innocence of a two year old is just so refreshing.

Her own baby Bjorn. I love her gentle support of the baby's head.
First day of Preschool!!!!
She didn't need a single day to adjust. The boys in her class, on the other hand, are still crying when their moms drop them off. I asked Mimi what she did the other day in school and she told me that she "just watched the boys cry, wahh wahh wahh".
Our trip to San Diego was a whirlwind and I might have taken maybe five pictures. Here is princess flower girl all her 'terrible two' glory. We were having our pictures taken and Maryn had to use the bathroom. No time to find a potty so she got to pee behind a tree like Bode. The other evening at work, I get a call from Mac. "I turned my back for 5 seconds while we were playing in the back yard and Maryn had her pants at her ankles, squatting behind the tree". A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, daddy!

At least one of us finds the time to exercise

We finally got to meet Katelyn! The daughter of a nursing school friend whom I haven't seen in 8 years! I remember when 8 years used to be a long time. Now it just seems like yesterday.

The last time the three of us were in Hilton Head, we were wearing *naughty nurses* shirts, 'nuff said.

We cuddle,
we dress up,
we bake,
we laugh,
and we wear crowns on plain ol' ordinary days.
Benham even likes to wear a crown from time to time.