Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maryn is 14 months old!

Miss Maryn Amelia is 14 months old and loves the summertime just as much as her momma! We are having such a great time swimming in the pool, riding waves at the beach, going to baseball games and spending lots of time with friends. She is such a funny little thing and is always trying to make us laugh. When she Skypes with Grandma and Poppop, she goes through all of her tricks just to get a rise out of them....she makes her 'funny face', points to her head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, toes, belly button, teeth and hair. She'll blow kisses at the computer screen...I'm starting to think that she really believes Grandma and Poppop live in the computer. Actually, even though they live a 13 hour drive from us, Grandma has seen Maryn every month of her life except for last month...and I know it killed her! I think that's pretty impressive!! They are coming to 'help' daddy take care of M while I am gone for 4 nights!!!!!! I don't really like thinking about it, I get anxiety thinking about leaving her! But, I am sooooo excited to see my 7 high school/college friends...we are heading to Florida and I am giddy about it. I love this little girl more than I ever imagined possible and my heart is definitely going to ache but I think a weekend with my girls is just what the doctor ordered.
Always little ray of sunshine
check out her tan lines in the fat rolls of her arm:)
I lather this girl in sunscreen and reapply multiple times, she wears a hat and sits in the shade but some how she's got a golden tan.

This is her 'funny face'
Soooo BIG!
This has been the month of 'friends'
M is such an awesome sharer and will offer her toys to anyone who will take makes me so happy to sit back and witness her interact with other children. We got to babysit Paxton while his mommy got a haircut and boy did we have fun!
She's constantly hugging her 'babies'
"Hey kid, you're in my chair!"
A wagon ride, watching the geese who hang out at our pond and crap on our jogging path!!! I need to let Bode run them off!

Paxton is 2 months older than Maryn and the sweetest little boy I've ever met, seriously, such a sweetheart.
Then we were off to the beach to hang out with Ashton, Cate and Ella.
Maryn's peeking around the corner to see if Cate was alright. Any time she sees a baby cry she looks to me to make sure everything is ok.
Her absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world....."a dog"!!!!!!!!!!! She says this about 50 times a day. A dog, a dog, a dog....

Sharing with Ashton

My friend Christine told me about Philadelphia Chickens , a book/CD by Sandra Boynton, the author who wrote some of our favorite books like Snuggle Puppy, Let's Dance Little Pookie & Snoozers. I pass on the's adorable and Maryn loves the music.
And here's a couple of Philadelphia chicks themselves! My moms sisters came down from the Philadelphia area to celebrate my aunt's 60th birthday and spent a day with us in the pool...of course!
Aunt Maria, Nanny and Aunt Kathie
Aunt Maria pulled EVERY SINGLE toy out of her toy basket and had them scattered on my family room floor.
But, she taught M to put them all away:)
Thank you so much Aunt Rena and Aunt Kathie for coming to visit, we had such a fun time!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We've been busy

Last Monday was a very sad day for us, Mac's family dog, Sadie, joined Bayley in doggie heaven. She was 12.5 years old and lived a very pampered life! She was such a sweet and quirky girl:) She would take her long nose and literally shove you off the couch if you were sitting in her spot, or she'd push all the pillows off so she could lounge! I swear she had a hole in her lip because the water would pour out of her mouth after she drank. She had Grandma trained too...every time Grandma was on the phone, Sadie would start barking and in return she'd get a treat to be quiet! She was a smart cookie! She took Bayley under her wing when he was just a couple months old and taught him how to sleep on the couch and ignore all commands! And she taught Bode how to milk Grandma and Poppop for everything they've got! We are going to miss that Sadie girl! I know Bayley was first in line to greet her and take her under his wing.
We donated to the Canine Cancer Campaign through the Morris Animal Foundation in Sadie's name. Morris Animal Foundation is ranked a four-star charity, the highest ranking, and it's tax deductible. There are lots of different programs and ways to donate, if dogs aren't your thing, you can donate to cats, birds, horses, wildlife, and even llama's and alpaca's! You can send someone an honor or sympathy card in their pets name too. Canine cancer is close to our hearts and was the foundation and inspiration for this here blog. If you love an animal and have some spare change, please consider donating! Bayley sends his love and thanks!

Sadie Girl

We are so sorry that it's been so long since our last blog...we are practically in tears over it! We have been so very a wonderful way!

p.s. She's become a professional FAKER!
Thanks Jess for the's size 6 months but still fits her great!!
daddy is fine tuning her skillz
And mommy cleans her up quite nicely
We headed to Nanny and Poppop's for Memorial Day for some quality snuggle time, pool time, beach time, parade time and picnic time!
breakfast on the back porch
Why do my dogs pose??
The beach in Beaufort is sooo beautiful...much more serene than it is here. Very fitting for such a small, quaint coastal town.
The sand is whiter and the coast line is far less disturbed.

Protecting her baby blues
And this, well this was just funny.

Just look at the beautiful coast with all of the palms

Can't keep her out!!!
Maryn had a blast with Nanny and Poppop

Had to clean her sandy heinie!
And then mommy got a little R & R...
...and Maryn did too!
Our bathing beauty
Not afraid of the water one bit

Some times it's hard being so cute

My M.A.C's and I
Sweet baby....mommy loves you
Someone found the cheerios in the diaper bag

Tryin' to keep up with Bode and Poppop
The Live Oak trees in Beaufort add such charm, it's beautiful

Watching the Memorial Day parade....check out the goof on the far right:) He cracks me up, so alert!
Thank you to all of those who serve our country, you are far more brave than I.
Lady M is starting to get a little flip in the back of her hair.

Her current favorite activity...coloring
She's sassy, people!
She just chilled on Great Uncle Bryan's lap for about an hour, it was so cute.
He came all the way from Texas to see Maryn again
Memorial pool party/picnic
And we couldn't leave Nanny's without some ice cream
It is hot hot hot here, so we usually cool off like this.
Daddy insisted on the modesty patch
We went out to dinner for our friends birthday and Maryn insisted that she had to take this call.
I kicked her under the table for being rude.
Our little social butterfly found a friend at the restaurant. She was actually born a week after Maryn at the same hospital!!
Now you can get a better idea of what having a head circumference in the 5th percentile looks like! ha ha
I love when babies squat like this, little munchkins!
Maryn was trying to figure out what her pacifier was??

Nothing better than some watermelon on a hot day at the beach

Notice Baby Girl beelining for the water while no one is watching
Hangin' at the beach with auntie Heidi, who loves taking pictures of Maryn
Uncle Nick was teaching Maryn how to ride the waves
I had water safety under control....until....
...a wave hit! Thanks for catching that on camera Heidi!! I was laughing pretty hard when I found this on my camera.
Maryn didn't even flinch...she actually laughed and ran farther in!
And when you're having a bad day, a bad week or bad month... and you have an amazing friend who sends you these, thank God for that friendship.
I love you, girl!