Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bayley's diagnosis

One year ago today, our Bayley was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and we were hopeful that the Lord would give us atleast another year to enjoy his big brown eyes, his selfless heart, his warm kisses, and constant laughs. His doctors were hopeful as well since he was such a strong boy and we were able to diagnosis the cancer early on. After 6 months of chemotherapy, our beautiful boy was taken from us too soon. There was something special about that golden was as if a tiny little man lived inside his soul....we miss that little man. So, today and almost every day, we remember our Bayley.
Here he is on his first day of hopeful

He's signing the consent form but looked to me to sign the parental consent

His first battle proud!

Three weeks after his diagnosis we took a trip to the mountains in North Carolina so he could run and enjoy being outside. This was an action shot on one of the hiking trails. This trip, despite the chemotherapy pills and special diet that he had to endure while we were there, lifted his spirits, but I think it lifted our spirits even more.
He definately was a 'looker'

Wet from swimming in nanny and poppops pool....he did a lot of swimming last summer...good exercise on his joints and of course his favorite pasttime.

Poppop actually let Bayley steer his boat on our first trip out on his new boat!

Just chill'in in the back, breeze in his hair

Lick'in the salty ocean air off his lips

Love me some Bayley

Lounge'in...he was sooo funny

Daddy kisses

Mommy kisses

At the young age of 6, Bay was taken from us far too soon. Without those short 6 years though, our lives would have been incomplete. He filled a special place in our hearts that we will never let go and his spirit will remain in our home forever. Live on Bayley Bear! We love you!

Monday, January 19, 2009

We're having a baby!

I'm sort of ashamed for not writing this post sooner but our excitement has gotten the best of us! We are expecting a baby girl on April 30! Our 2008 had its downfalls but it ended on a very high note. The same morning that we woke up excited to finally meet our new puppy was the same morning that we found out we were pregnant! Two new babies in one day....we were excited beyond words. I can't help but think that our Bayley orchestrated this special day. All I kept thinking to myself on the 5 hour drive back to Charleston after picking up Bode was that this little puppy better learn to behave by April 30th! After 6 weeks of constant nausea, I started feeling great and now at 26 weeks I feel even better. The time is flying by and I just hope that I will remember every special moment of being pregnant. God has a special plan for all of us and despite our trials and hardships, He always seems to shine His goodness through. We pray everyday for a healthy baby and so far our ultrasounds have proven such. I will post those pics soon too. Here are a couple pics of my blossoming belly.
Our trip to Tulum, Mexico at 18 weeks pregnant for our friends Mike and Amy's wedding! It was the perfect 'babymoon'...a little retreat before our lives are changed forever!

Me and my girl enjoying the sunset

A tiny little bump

Hope she enjoys the beach as much as we do

A self portrait at around 16 weeks

19 weeks

Christmas 22 weeks

As a Christmas gift to our parents, we all went to see baby in a 3D/4D ultrasound. You can tell by their faces that they enjoyed seeing their first grandchild. That's right, this little girl is the first grandbaby on both Mac and I's side of the family and first girl besides myself...seeing that I have two brothers and inherited two brother in laws.

Peek a boo

One of us ate too many Christmas cookies!

Bode enjoying the last few months of quiet before baby arrives

Poppop and Nanny Loeper practicing with their grandpup

Poppop and Grandma Cummings practicing too:)

We feel truly blessed to be able to bring our child into a home with good family and friends! I promise to update more often since things seem to be changing around here weekly!