Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maryn turns ONE year old!

My hearts desire is that when I'm old, these zillion pictures that I capture of my daughter will spark a tiny flicker of memory amidst my dementia, and I will, maybe for only a moment, remember how special these years were to me. These are the days that I've lived for my entire life. I am just so happy and so content and I want to remember the sheer joy that's in my heart for this beautiful little girl. I will never have another first born child and I will never celebrate her very first birthday again. And although this past year has passed me by quicker than any year before, I feel like I personally have slowed down. I wake up each day and consciously make a mental note of every single facial expression that Maryn makes and soak in every little smile and kiss she offers me. I can no longer run around town and knock out 5 errands in a's usually 1 or 2 with Maryn in tow and I'm o.k. with that. We take our time, we enjoy our breakfast, we read books before nap time, we eat our lunch outside, we swing, we slide, we run, we enjoy...I'm teaching my daughter to enjoy life, to slow down and make every single moment count.
My wish for her: a kind and gentle heart.
Maryn Amelia, your daddy and I love you in ways that you may never understand until you have your own children. It's a love that literally jumps out of our chests when we see you first thing in the morning or when you lay your head on our chest and say "I"...which is your way of saying "I love you" or when your little fingers gently pat our backs when you give us big hugs or when you walk up to our legs and squeeze them to release your love for us. Just the other day, daddy looked at me and said "I think she knows we love her"...yup, I think you know!
Happy 1st birthday junior have the most special little soul!
We love you, baby!
April 15, 2010

On her actual birthday, Mac came home early from work and we headed to the beach
She would literally RUN to the water. I would pick her up, bring her back to the beach and within 2 seconds she was back in the water

She adores her daddy
And loves the sand too! Her friends Ella, Ashton and Lauren got her a water/sand table for her birthday and it's a hit!!! What a beach babe!

Aren't I one lucky gal, I get to look at these two beautiful people every day of my life:)
After the beach, we ordered take out...this is the exact salad with spicy blackened chicken that I ate the evening my water broke on April 15, 2009...I swear the spicy chicken did it!
Her FIRST cupcake, Bode had high hopes

Since she loves music and has her mommy's long fingers, we got her a piano.
In the middle of the day, she'll be playing with her toys in the family room and then all of a sudden, as if she remembered, she crawls upstairs to her bedroom and starts banging on the piano. She literally does this once a day.

Birthday bath!
The big party was on Saturday and Maryn was so lucky to share her day with so many friends and family. Here's a picture of her poppop's documenting her big day.
The theme: Flowers...Welcome to our Garden
Grandma Cummings and I made tissue flowers to hang from the ceiling

I displayed a picture of Maryn, Mac and I on our first birthdays
I grew grass for the two weeks leading upto the party so that I could tuck small packets of wildflower seeds in it as favors for our guests

I also made tiny watering can favors filled with candy

My mom and dad are saints and helped us tremendously with the food. I made a flower fruit display and mud pudding:)

Some of Maryn's friends:

her second cousin, Christian
poppop was the designated baby holder

Nanny gave Maryn her first lollipop...

...and this is what happened when I took it away!

Check out her Perfect Party Dress that Grandma bought her! It matched her flower themed party!!

And Nanny bought her a matching bib and hat to help protect her special dress
If you have a child that is Maryn's age, get them one of these! Her godmother got her this and it was the hit of the party! Maryn will sit and play with this 'house' for a solid 30 minutes!

What a blessed little girl, so many gifts!
She was most fond of the cards

Uncle Nick was very proud of his gift and had to show her how to use the 'popper' toy that I know you all had when you were little:)

a princess purse
a new cellphone
and her very own lawn chair
Her cake matched the invitations and was delicious!
cupcakes with personalized toppers
and the cutest one year old I ever did see

poppop and grandma spoiled her so much while they were here that it took me 3 days to reverse the damage:) I suppose that's not such an awful problem to have.
poppop and nanny
Sharing her cake with great grandma Johnson. We were so happy that she made the long trip down from New Jersey...we had so much fun while they were here.
Maryn walked each of her guests to the door and thanked them for coming to her party.
But we had one more surprise for her....a new wagon!!!

Oh boy, this was big time! Ear to ear smiles from this birthday girl!

I was literally running down the street and she was literally cackling!
When we ask her to make a funny face, shes does this! She's the best!

Grandma and Poppop got her a new set of wheels and she sits so proud

This tricycle rocks: it has adjustable handle bars for the adult that steers the bike, has a sun shade and eventually converts into a tricycle that she can ride on her own.

and Nanny and Poppop bought her a swingset that Mac put together! I love my handyman husband!
which she well as all the other kids on the block:)

Our little cupcake!
If you can believe this, there are more pictures to follow....
and let us not forget the 'big white chair' photo is still to come!